Securities lending

Securities lending

Eurex Clearing offers central counterparty (CCP) services for the securities lending market, thereby minimizing counterparty risk and the credit exposures for individual market participants as well as bringing a considerable reduction in systemic risk for the overall market. In addition, the Lending CCP service reduces the post-trade complexity, which subsequently results in reduced costs and improved efficiencies in your operational areas.

Eurex Clearing is the only fully integrated CCP across asset classes

Our solution services multiple trading venues to give market participants greater choice — bilaterally negotiated transactions (OTC) and transactions concluded on electronic trading platforms are supported. Overall, the Lending CCP offers clearing services for loans in equities, ETFs and fixed income securities, initially covering European markets.

Bilateral transactions (OTC) are supported by Flow Providers such as EquiLend, Pirum and Eurex Repo’s F7 SecLend Market electronic securities lending marketplace.

How our Lending CCP benefits the securities lending marketplace

Increased operational efficiency is realized through the automated flows between the transaction capture, clearing and settlement platforms that Eurex Clearing's Lending CCP has included. In particular, links to the existing specialist providers for the securities lending market have been incorporated i.e. tri-party collateral management services and automated electronic compare services (Third Party Flow Providers).

Eurex Clearing's Lending CCP

Eligible loan and principal collateral instruments

On a daily basis, Eurex Clearing publishes lists with loan instruments and principle collateral instruments eligible for our Lending CCP. The files include the name of the instrument, the ISIN, as well as the margin parameter (absolute/percentual value) and a flag to differentiate between bond and equity instruments.
CCP eligible loan instruments

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