Securities lending

Why use a Lending CCP?

Eurex Clearing’s Lending CCP delivers lower capital costs and greater efficiency:

  • Simplifies your multiple counterparty credit structure to a single CCP relation for all novated loans
  • Offers transparent and standardized risk management & default procedures
  • Helps to considerably reduce regulatory capital requirements and therefore delivers capital efficiencies
  • Profit from operational efficiencies by CCP-managed post trade services
  • Specific Lender License supports the existing Agent Lender/Beneficial Owner relationship
  • Based on Eurex Clearing’s established systems and industry leading risk management standards

Eurex Clearing provides clearing services across asset classes and markets. As such we offer integrated CCP cleared solutions for securities financing. The combination of our derivatives products with our securities lending service and the repo & GC Pooling portfolio enables us to provide customers greater choices for capital use and efficiency.

Eurex Clearing's unique integrated offering

Based on Eurex Clearings integrated CCP our lending service offers an integrated solution for your securities lending transactions.

The Eurex Clearing Lending CCP's value chain

Our Roadmap

  • Continued integration: enhance capital and operational efficiencies across Deutsche Börse Group Global Funding & Financing (GFF) - Eurex Clearing, Eurex Repo and Clearstream

  • Improve connectivity options: increase the range of integrated service providers

  • Broader reach: include participants from Asia, Mid-East and North America

  • New markets: expand the range of equity markets and fixed income instruments

  • Expand the Lending CCP community: further leverage our integrated offering to buy-side customers

  • Innovation: initiatives for collateral flexibility for the users of the Specific Lender License

  • Product expansion: enhanced management of securities finance transactions and asset servicing capabilities

  • Accessibility: enable more efficient use of non-cash collateral management 

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