18 Nov 2020

Eurex Exchange

Driven by client demand – additional Eurex products to be extended into Asia Pacific time zones

On 7 December 2020, we will extend a further four products for the Asian Pacific time zones: the 10-year Euro-OAT, EURO STOXX® Banks, STOXX® Europe 600, and VSTOXX® Futures, thus catering to the market demands for further trading and hedging opportunities.

In parallel, the 10-year Euro-OAT’s close of trading will be extended into the USA hours from 7pm to 10pm CET, to bring it in line with German government bonds’ trading hours (1 am CET to 10pm CET).

Our clients are excited about the additional product extensions and we look forward to building further liquidity with them to create greater opportunities for investors to better hedge and manage risk.

“The extension of trading hours on further products will provide our clients with more trading and hedging opportunities. They will be able to trade these products in all time zones – Asia, Europe and the U.S. seamlessly with BofA Securities global electronic trading services.” 
Russell Beattie, Director, Head of Asia Pacific, Futures & Options and OTC Clearing at B of A Securities. 

"We are eagerly looking forward to the new additions to trading in the Extended Trading Hours. Some of the products to be launched, such as the EURO STOXX Banks futures and the VSTOXX Futures, will definitely allow participants with European exposure to have a closer hedge or expression of market views during the Asian hours, which has often been regarded as a highly important time zone for financial markets."
Henky Toha, Director, HNK Alpha

“Adding new products to Eurex’s Extended Trading Hours is a much-anticipated initiative that will improve liquidity and participation during Asian hours. This will increase the involvement of the Asian trading community and improve the demographic of the participants in the selected liquid futures. This, in turn, will improve price discovery and benefit the markets as a whole.”
Keeve Tan, Head of Futures, FX & CFDs, OCBC Securities

Eurex’s trading hour extension initiative will expand the pricing transparency of listed futures to additional key benchmarks during Asian hours, enabling more efficient risk management and price discovery.
Tim Lu, Head of Futures Market Making APAC, Maven Securities

"Global investors have been overwhelmed by several political events and the pandemic that impacted the economy hugely so far in 2020. However, the global futures markets remain open and available to investors around the world, even under the worldwide lockdown situation, which again proves its basic function of price discovery and risk management. During such a critical time, we are pleased to hear about Eurex’s move to enrich its product offerings during Asian trading hours”.
Zhongwei Wang, CEO and Chairman, Xin Yongan Futures, Hong Kong

“We have witnessed the success of Eurex’s Trading Hour Extension. We look forward to more Eurex contracts be available during Asian hours. This will benefit our investors with more choices for investing and hedging.” 
David Luo, Chairman of Nanhua Futures, China

Eurex extended its trading and clearing hours for the Asian markets as a first phase in December 2018 for our most liquid products and we have been successful ever since, building liquidity in those contracts (EURO STOXX 50, DAX, Mini DAX, all 136 MSCI Futures, Bund, Bobl, Schatz, Buxl). More than 20 million contracts have been traded since launch and we are sure the new products will add to this success.