Interest rates on cash collateral

Eurex Clearing generally places cash on a collateralized basis or through direct investments with highly liquid financial instruments to the extent possible and passes on interest earned from such cash investments to, or demands reimbursement of expenses arising from such investment from, its Clearing Members, reduced/complemented by a cash service fee (service fee according to Number 9.1 of the Price List of Eurex Clearing) per currency (customer interest rates). Customer interest rates are in principle calculated based on a predefined benchmark rate per currency as shown in the table below.

* Basic DCs and DCs with System Access  active in Eurex Exchange Traded Derivatives Eurex (ETD) only or in both Eurex ETD and OTC Interest Rate Swap Derivatives Transactions (OTC IRD) and FCM Clients active in OTC IRD Transactions (same member ID / same account) will be charged half of the cash handling fee. For such purpose, Clearing Members will be required to setup for their Basic DCs and DCs with System Access in gross omnibus segregation a separate collateral pool (ETD Collateral Incentive Pool).

** A temporary reduction of the cash service fee to 20 bps until further notice.

For the setup of the separate collateral incentive pool it is required to submit a special form.

The relevant customer interest rate per day and per currency is published daily in the member section portal.

In exceptional cases such as, but not limited to, extraordinary market conditions or disruptions Eurex Clearing reserves the right to calculate customer interest rates on the basis of interest earned through the placement of funds instead of predefined benchmark rates.

In case of questions please contact your Group Client Key Account Manager Clearing.