Pre-trade risk control

The development of our groundbreaking pre-trade risk controls is closely tied to the growing trend of direct market access and the potential risk arising from algorithmic trading tools. The pre-trade risk controls we offer are the first step in helping members to manage their risk. These tools offer members flexibility in setting intelligent limits that reflect their risk profiles. Furthermore, they are part of our ongoing commitment to safeguarding the marketplace.

Pre-trade risk measures

This service enables you to define individual risk limits for your associated trading members. Depending on the severity of the limit violation, a staggered action is taken.
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Stop button for Clearing Members

Although we have put robust pre-trade risk tools in place, emergencies can occur. When they do, it is important for you to be able to take immediate action.
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Stop button for Trading Participants

Trading Participants have also access to this important risk control tool. This functionality allows you to stop further trading activity in order to limit further exposure.
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