Stop button for Trading Participants

Members are able to trigger a stop action on individual traders, whereby specific trader IDs can be disconnected from the market. Triggering a stop makes it impossible for the trader ID to engage in any further trading activities. It is important to note that a stop action affects all IDs that are part of a trader subgroup.

A stop will set all trading-related Resource Access Levels (RALs) of the specified trader ID to zero for on-exchange orders and off-book transactions.

Triggering a stop action will have the following implications for the affected trader subgroup:

  • All open orders and quotes will be deleted.
  • Entry and maintenance of orders and quotes will not be allowed.
  • Entry of OTC transactions will not be allowed.
  • Give-up/take-up processing will not be allowed.

In case a DC Market Participant is released, all specific trading RALs have to be re-set manually. Please note: Orders and quotes for a product in state FREEZE will not be deleted by stopping a trader.