Common Report Engine

We continuously improve our technology to provide the infrastructure for state-of-the-art clearing. As part of our Technology Roadmap, we introduced the Common Report Engine which allows for greater flexibility and meets the needs of today’s high frequency and algorithmic trading.

Streamlined reporting

The Common Report Engine is Eurex Group’s central solution for trading and clearing report retrieval for exchange participants, Clearing Members and software vendors. Reports for all markets we clear are distributed through this new tool which also covers the different environments (Production, Simulation, and Advanced Simulation) of Eurex Exchange and Xetra®.

With the decommissioning of the MISS architecture, the Common Report Engine will become the central source for your reports and files.

Flexible solution

Based on a standardized, public and secure transfer protocol (STP), the Common Report Engine easily integrates into members’ existing infrastructure. It can be accessed via existing leased line connectivity or via the Internet using any SFTP-compatible client software.

Since the engine doesn’t require any specific hardware requirements, members can choose their preferred hardware platform.

Facts to know

  • A history of ten business days is kept on the Common Report Engine.
  • Members may set up more than one connection to the Common Report Engine which allows access from different locations.
  • Reports and files can be downloaded manually or automatically via scripting.