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The Member Section is our group-wide portal solution which is used by customers of almost all business segments of Deutsche Börse Group. Within the Member Section several self-services are offered to Eurex Trading Members, Clearing Members and Vendors. The Member Section provides a responsive user interface with access from any device. The client portal makes the interaction for customers easier through transparent processes. 

This website will provide information on:

  • How to complete your registration in order to obtain access to confidential information and member-specific web applications
  • An overview of the most important self-services within the Member Section
  • Who to contact in case of questions 
  • A list of frequently asked questions

Information about the Member Section releases are available under: Member Section Releases. 

Known Limitations (20 Oct 2021)



Due to a technical error, users are sometimes unable to apply for admission as an exchange trader. During the booking part some users receive the error message:

Due to "More then 1 active attendee with same email existing”  

  • New admission: The issue has been solved for all new trader admissions.
  • Admission before 19 September: If you have started a trader admission process before 19 September and received an error message, please contact the Member Section Support team via The support team will correct the data for you. 

Services available via the Member Section


This service contains all user administration topics. Members can create and edit their personal data and request permissions on services they need within the Member Section. They are included all the functionalities under the tab “My Profile”, “Change Organization”, and “Switch User Account”.


Member Section Support Team
T +49- 69 211 17888
Service times: From Mon 09:00 until Fri 18:00 CET


This section allows you to maintain company users. In particular, user self-registrations, deputy assignments, as well as user accounts that are registered under the company.


Member Section Support Team
T +49- 69 211 17888
Service times: From Mon 09:00 until Fri 18:00 CET


Members can monitor and manage their technical connections to the various trading systems by managing requests and configurations, and incident tickets. The maintenance of the Technical Users is also done within this section.


Customer Technical Support / Technical Helpdesk
Please contact your Technical Account Manager via your personal VIP number.
T +49 69 211-VIP / +49 69 211 10 888 (all)
Service times: Mon 00:00 until Fri 22:00 CET


Trading and Clearing Members can submit their applications, to participate in one of our markets, via this service. These are the admission types:

  • Exchange trader admissions
  • Qualified Back-Office Staff (QBO) 
  • Qualified Clearing Staff (QCS)

The required trainings and exams can also be booked here. The GUI user ID maintenance is also available via this service.


Members can submit and change their Legal Entity Identifier as well as manage Disclosed Client Admission. Additionally, clients can upload their Client ID and ALGO HFT under this service. 


All the Eurex and Eurex Clearing invoices and Fee reports can be viewed and downloaded in this section. Access to invoice accounts can be granted via the permissions under “My Profile”.


Eurex Billing Support Team
T +49 69 211 13388


Members can manage and view regulatory reporting hub’s contracts and status. 


Here members will be able to view and download documentation of relevant markets and services.


Trading and Clearing Members can maintain their legally required contacts e.g. Compliance or KYC contacts under “Company Contacts”.


Member Section Support Team
T +49- 69 211 17888
Service times: From Mon 09:00 until Fri 18:00 CET


Trading and Clearing Members will find an overview of their Deutsche Börse Relationship Managers as well as an overview of our hotline services within the section “DBAG Contacts”.


Member Section Support Team
T +49- 69 211 17888
Service times: From Mon 09:00 until Fri 18:00 CET


To ease the start for new users, we have stored useful documentation such as user guides on this website under "Supportive Documents".


If users would like to ask questions on various topics, they can type in their inquiry in this section. 

Supporting Documents


The identity provider cannot process the response due to wrong configuration.

Solution possibility:

  • Please open only one browser
  • Please go to url:

If you receive a error message after you did enter your login credentials, refresh your browser and navigate back to the login page or enter again url:

You will see again the login page. After clicking on “Login” you should be signed in directly without having to enter your login credentials again.

To get access to the Member Section, please follow these simple steps:

  1. Go to the Member Section.
  2. Click on “Register”.
  3. Enter the “Company Member ID” or “Identification Code” you have received from your Central Coordinator (CC).
  4. Enter the “Captcha Code” and click “Next”.
  5. Please enter the “Organizational Data”, “Personal Data”, “Contact Data” and “Additional Data” and acknowledge the Terms of Use. The email you chose will be required as your username during the login process.
  6. Click on “Next”.
  7. Search and select the permissions that you want to acquire. You can simply click on the tick box displayed on the left of the listed permissions. Please note that each permission must be approved by the Central Coordinator (CC) who can be found under “My Profile” after successful registration and being logged in.
  8. Click on “Next”.
  9. Review the data for your application and click on “Submit” to complete the registration process.

A “One Time Password” is part of the 2-factor-authentication method during the login process. 

Once you have registered with your email address, the OTP will be sent automatically from the address Please make sure this email address is not blocked by your IT system. 

Please make sure that email address is not blocked by your IT system. If still not receiving the OTP via email please contact the Member Section Support team via  

In order to use the Mobile OTP authentication method, a smartphone with the installation of the “ForgeRock Authenticator” app is required. For iOS devices the app can be downloaded and installed via the App Store, and for Android devices via the Google Play Store. For detailed instruction please see chapter 1.2 of the User Login Guide.

After logging in to the Member Section, please follow the path: My Profile > Permissions.  

The Trader Application right can be requested under: My Profile > Permissions > Trading & Clearing Administration > Application for Trader, QBO, QCS.

Yes, all the invoices are sorted by markets and are catalogued in the same list. Please note that only those user accounts that have the relevant permissions can see them. 

A user account for the Member Section is needed before setting up a company contact. After you have set up the new account, you can set yourself up as a company contact. For more details please refer to the Member Section User Guide "3.11 Company Contacts"

  • Please use the ‘Hand Over‘ function to change the Central Coordinator under the following path: My Profile > Account Information > Hand Over.  

Please make sure that relevant invoice permissions and invoice accounts are assigned by the respective Central Coordinator. 

  • You can appoint a Deputy under the following path: Central Coordinator > Portal User Administration. After selecting the respective user (if not in the list please create user first) activate Assign as your deputy button under Deputy tile. 

Please close the pop-up window regarding certificate message or cancel and proceed with the login. 

Please make sure that relevant Client Identification uploading permission is requested and approved by the respective Central Coordinator.

Please make sure that relevant ALGO HFT uploading permission is requested and approved by the respective Central Coordinator.

  • Please make sure that the relevant Admission permission is requested and approved by the respective Central Coordinator.
  • If you submitted your application before 1 February 2021, please contact the Person Admission team via with your full name, your company name to request support.

User needs to login directly via username under upload should be processed.



Member Section
Customer Support

Service times from 09:00 - 18:00 CET

T +49-69-211-1 78 88