Eurex invites you to join our Derivatives Forum 2019. Impact investing, technological advancements, regulation and geopolitical developments are rapidly changing the core of our industry. This year’s forum will be touching on this paradigm shift. We will look at how ESG principles and rebalancing of market structures impact the industry and our closing session will discuss evolution of the European financial markets landscape. Our break-out sessions will be split in a fixed income and equity markets stream providing insights on interest rate benchmark reform and the impact of liquidity. 

The Derivatives Forum is the perfect opportunity to update your knowledge and meet your peers at the closing network reception. 


14:10–14:25       Food for thought (French)
14:25–15:05        The future(s) of ESG  (French) 
Responsible investing has become a major theme for institutional investors worldwide with more than $23 trillion in AUM invested according to ESG principles. This panel addresses the impact of this trend on the derivatives industry and its role in facilitating the sustainability-driven listed derivatives.
15:05–15:40    Break

Asset class breakout sessions 

Join our dedicated breakout sessions and get an update on some of our key initiatives in the fixed income and equity index markets.    
Breakout session: fixed income (English)
Transitioning from IBOR to Risk Free Rates
Driven by declining liquidity in the unsecured inter-bank lending market, firms are facing a significant amount of planning in the lead up to 2021. The prevailing question really is what a post-Libor world would look like. This panel will provide you with pivotal insights into the key challenges firms face in the lead up and how they are preparing for a post-Libor environment.     

Breakout session: equity index (French)
It’s all about liquidity
The derivatives trading landscape constantly evolves. However, finding sources of liquidity and deep liquidity pools remains a key aspect within the investment decision process. Building liquid benchmarks can help investors assuring flexibility and certainty of execution. The right combination of market measures combined with a level playing field for liquidity providers can support liquidity. To what extent are liquidity criteria considered during the investment process and what guidelines are taken into account? What are the preferred ways of trading and does it differ depending on a specific asset class?




The global landscape - shaping the financial markets of future (English) 
In the global political environment, we see tendencies to return to national markets, although markets are global. This creates challenges as well as opportunities. In this session, the panel discusses the perspective of the sell- and buy-side as well as market infrastructures and regulators. How does the financial market of the future look like? Where are the new hubs and what is their relevance today and in 10 years?
17:30    Closing remarks
Followed by a networking reception 

Featured speakers

Erik Tim Müller

Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Eurex Clearing AG

He is also a member of the Management Board of Eurex Deutschland.


Vassily Pascalis

London Representative Office

London E14 4HE

T +44-20-78 62-72 11

Participating companies

  • ABN AMRO Clearing
  • Allianz Global Investors
  • BNP Paribas
  • Think ETF Asset Management BV
  • Optiver
  • Mint Tower Capital Management 
  • Cardano
  • ING Bank
  • Acuiti
  • Arabesque
  • Bloomberg
  • Deutsche Börse
  • Bloomberg
  • EDG AG
  • EQDerivatives
  • HSBC Germany
  • IKB Deutsche Industriebank
  • IMC



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