25. Nov 2021


T7 Simulation environment: Increase in the number of partitions and change of the Partition ID for some futures and options

Eurex Circular 109/21 Nur in Englisch: T7 Simulation environment: Increase in the number of partitions and change of the Partition ID for some futures and options

Nur in Englisch: 

1.    Introduction

Eurex Exchange is planning to increase the number of partitions available in the T7 simulation environment (MIC: XEUR) from three to five. Following the addition of the two new partitions (Partitions 4 and 5), some of the existing futures and options products will be redistributed to the new partitions from the business day 29 November 2021 onwards. For the affected products, the existing multicast addresses and ports for the dissemination of the market data via the EMDI, EOBI and MDI interfaces will remain unchanged. Only participants with high-frequency sessions in conjunction with the partition-specific gateways will be directly affected by these changes. The product reference data will be modified accordingly to reflect the new partition IDs.

The circular outlines the most important information relating to the addition of the two new partitions. 

Start of simulation: 29 November 2021

Learn more about T7 Release 10.0 on our dedicated initiative page under the following link: Support > Initiatives & Releases > T7 Release 10.0. System documentation, circulars, timeline and much more information is available there for you.

2.    Action required

Moving products from one partition to another may lead to a scenario where GTC/GTD orders entered and owned by one high-frequency session come to reside on two different partitions. As a high-frequency session login is always partition-specific (via a partition-specific gateway), the respective owning session needs to login to the new partition to manage orders for products which have been moved. To manage orders for products which have not been moved, the owning session needs to login to the old partition.

Participants may require additional high frequency sessions for the new partitions and must therefore ensure that they order them via the Member Section of Deutsche Börse Group. Newly ordered sessions will become active following the subsequent rollover.

3.    Details 

The following products with their current and future partition IDs are affected:

Product Group

Product Type

PartitionID (old)

PartitionID (new)

Index Futures




Index Options




The IP addresses for the partition specific gateway for Partition 4 and 5 are as follows: 


Active PS Gateway

Standby PS Gateway



The gateway IP addresses, ports and locations (side A/side B), can also be found in chapter of the document “N7 Network Access Guide”, which can be found on the Eurex website www.eurex.com under the following link: 

Support > Initiatives & Releases > T7 Release 10.0 > Network Access

Further information


All Trading Participants of Eurex Deutschland and Vendors

Target groups:

Front Office/Trading, Middle + Backoffice, IT/System Administration, Auditing/Security Coordination


Your Technical Key Account Manager via your VIP number or cts@deutsche-boerse.com


Support > Initiatives & Releases > T7 Release 10.0 

Authorized by:

Wolfgang Eholzer



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