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More than 1 million contracts traded since launch at Eurex - the home of the Euro yield curve.
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Navigating Markets: Exploring the FTSE product suite

Our latest report delves into the intensive effort behind futurizing total return swaps, the inception of FTSE100 index, the development of digital asset derivatives, and more.
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Product Diff. to prev. day last Last price Contracts Time
FGBL +0.01% 133.39 1,697,614 20:31:21
FGBM -0.04% 118.12 1,461,962 20:30:11
FGBS -0.05% 105.595 1,498,456 20:30:11
FBTP -0.29% 115.84 398,834 18:59:48
FOAT -0.03% 128.21 325,938 20:30:18
FGBX +0.79% 132.80 204,194 20:30:31


Product Diff. to prev. day last Last price Contracts Time
FESX -0.02% 4,429.00 560,737 20:30:40
FDAX -0.03% 16,451.00 54,136 20:31:20
FDXM -0.02% 16,451.00 32,420 20:31:07
FSMI +0.56% 10,971.00 25,150 20:31:17
FESB +0.72% 118.15 184,469 20:30:15
FVS +0.70% 14.35 24,552 20:31:01


Product Diff. to prev. day last Last price Contracts Time
FMWO -0.81% 9,436.00 6,807 20:29:00
FMWN -0.35% 445.70 3,210 18:27:53
FMEU -0.20% 301.70 1,096 18:27:42
FMEP -0.03% 156.60 0 18:27:42
FMEM -0.64% 510.30 3,147 18:27:42
FMEA -0.51% 586.00 13,820 18:50:32

Bringing Europe and APAC closer

An interview with Mezhgan Qabool
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STIR partnership program

Market-led solution to create an alternative liquidity pool for € short-term interest rate derivatives
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Monthly VSTOXX® Outlook

Get the latest overview about statistics and recent developments in our volatility products.
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Whitepaper on Daily Options

Expected market impact and use cases for Daily EURO STOXX 50® Options
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FX EFP tutorial – mechanics and use cases

FX EFPs – the best of two worlds

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