23 Jan 2020

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Challenge taken – developing an interface for Eurex EnLight

While developing new products and services for our customers we are always seeking to partner with other industry experts to find the best possible solution for a particular task. In this special case, we worked together with Vela, a leading independent provider of trading and market access technology for global multi-asset electronic trading. We spoke to Patrick Gardner, Vela’s Director of Sales & Product Manager, Automated Trading about our joined challenge.

When developing interfaces to RFQ platforms such as Eurex EnLight, which aspects or features are most important for your clients?

Two of the features that are particularly important for our clients are automation and flexibility. Our automated functionality is designed to be customizable to operate seamlessly within our clients' workflows. Then, as their demands evolve, our suite of APIs, or application programming interfaces, enables clients to continue customizing the functionality to match their changing requirements.

Which technical requirements are most challenging?

Achieving the highest levels of performance while solving specific client needs and still maintaining a flexible system can be challenging. However, we pride ourselves on our technical capabilities and are always exploring new ways to solve these kinds of challenges.

Which future trends do you perceive regarding the trading landscape and the evolution of automated platforms?

Whether in a dealing room, an office or a trading pit, voice trading still exists and is likely stay with us too for a while yet. However, there is now a growing trend towards automated electronic platforms such as Eurex EnLight. In terms of future trends, we still see voice trading but more and more alongside automated trading workflows.

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