01 Oct 2020

Eurex Exchange

Eurex gaining ground on Asian MSCI underlyings

Following the announcement that Singapore Exchange will delist its MSCI products, Eurex reports increasing market shares in its Asia-based MSCI contracts.

The Singapore Exchange announced in May 2020 that it will delist its MSCI futures by February 2021. This will include MSCI Taiwan Futures, which are popular with local traders.

In order to mitigate the uncertainty and potential loss of liquidity in futures contracts based on Asian underlyings, international investors decided to switch to similar MSCI futures listed at Eurex.

With a decade of experience in MSCI futures, Eurex has become the preferred market for MSCI derivatives. It is therefore no surprise that the market is now seeing an increase in open interest and volume in MSCI contracts on Asian underlyings at Eurex as clients shift their business to a liquid marketplace.

Measured by open interest, Eurex is the world’s largest derivatives exchange. With 139 futures and 22 options listed, Eurex also offers the most comprehensive range of MSCI derivatives. And Eurex opens trading in MSCI futures even earlier than the local exchanges, at 08:15 a.m. Taiwan time.

After the recent roll, Eurex began the fourth quarter holding more than 80 percent market share in the MSCI Emerging Markets Asia, Japan, and Australia. In addition, market share in the MSCI China Free Index has risen to over 40 percent. The notional value of open interest in MSCI Taiwan also increased from USD 61 million to USD 480 million.

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