22 Sep 2021

Eurex Exchange

La Banque Postale joins Deutsche Börse’s GC Pooling market

La Banque Postale, one of the leading French banks active in retail banking, insurance, corporate and investment banking, and asset management, has joined Eurex Repo’s GC Pooling market after being live on Eurex Repo’s Special market since 2020. This move will allow La Banque Postale access to further deep liquidity pools via this cost-efficient and low-risk solution for secured money market trading.

GC Pooling is a joint product between Eurex Repo, Eurex Clearing, and Clearstream that offers a highly liquid market for secured funding, as well as the possibility of re-using collateral across transactions. Its user-friendly electronic platform facilitates funding in a range of currencies against various fixed income and equity collateral baskets. Eurex Clearing acts as CCP, ensuring security via centralized risk management processes.

Fabienne Zamfiresco, Head of Repo & Securities Financing at La Banque Postale: “Our new Eurex GC Pooling membership gives us access to a large cleared triparty repo market. This will allow us to further optimize our secured liquidity management in line with our ambition to expend our development with institutional clients."

Frank Gast, Managing Director at Eurex Repo: “Having been working with La Banque Postale on our Special Repo market for several months, we are delighted to welcome them to GC Pooling. La Banque Postale is a strategically important client for Eurex across different products as well as with respect to our strategy of broadening our secured funding and financing client base.”

Tilman Fechter, Global Head of Banking, Funding & Financing at Clearstream: “Making the most efficient possible use of cash and collateral is becoming more and more important for many market participants. We are very pleased to welcome La Banque Postale to GC Pooling where they will be able to further optimize their day-to-day liquidity.”

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