04 Nov 2020

Eurex Exchange

Mini-DAX®. Maximum success. 5 years Eurex Mini-DAX® Futures trading.

Five years ago, in October 2015, Eurex launched Mini-DAX® Futures ­­– designed in parallel to the established DAX® Futures contract.

The aim was to give investors the opportunity to hedge and gain exposure to the German benchmark index with significantly lower contract values. The DAX® index comprises the 30 largest and most actively traded German companies, which include Daimler, Deutsche Bank, Volkswagen, Adidas and SAP.

It became clear very quickly that the benefits were equally attractive for experienced private investors and small portfolios as well as institutional customers looking for a more precise instrument to hedge their positions.

“Mini-DAX is an excellent product for retail investors and is indispensable within the portfolios of our clients. Within 5 years Mini-DAX has grown to one of our most popular and most traded products.”

Dominic Schorle, Head of Brokerage Desk WH SelfInvest

Over time, the Mini-DAX Futures contract has become a highly liquid product with tight spreads available for trading during the three time zones – Asia, Europe and the U.S. The following figures underline its success story:

  • More than 46 million traded contracts in Mini-DAX® since launch
  • Mini-DAX® has a daily average trading volume of over 70,000 contracts in 2020
  • Almost 200 active trading participants in Mini-DAX®

Further key benefits of our Mini-DAX® Futures include major trading, clearing and risk management functionalities that help to reduce counterparty risks and increase margin efficiencies, as the products are cleared via our own Clearinghouse, Eurex Clearing AG.

“Mini-DAX Futures have successfully served as a cost-efficient way to construct the exposure in German bluechip companies. Furthermore, a smaller size in contract notional enables clients to manage their risks with great concision,” Max Li, Head of Corporate Planning, Yuanta Futures.

Five years of successfully trading Eurex Mini-DAX® Futures. With many more years of liquidity to trade. A big thank you to all our partners and customers.

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