20 Jul 2021


Snapshot Eurex EnLight: something to look back on, and more to look forward to

EnLight, our selective RFQ platform, has developed into a versatile and nearly indispensable tool for many of our customers. All the more reason for us to support our customers with a continuously evolving platform. Let’s have a quick review of the first half of this year.

Most benchmark equity, equity index and fixed income options, and futures are already available for trading on Eurex EnLight and we have now further extended our offer so that all equity and equity index options and futures available on Eurex are also available on EnLight. To cover our growing FX market, we also expanded our integrated T7 RFQ mechanism, ensuring that clients are able to source the most competitive liquidity and benefit from the full suite of execution models.

To further support competitive pricing and better reflect market dynamics, we amended the Liquidity Provider requirements on our platform. And, finally, with T7 Release 9.1 in June we introduced a series of enhancement for Eurex EnLight, including improvements to the T7 Trader GUI. 

…but there’s more to come

In the second half of 2021 we will continue to complete our product offering and focus on enhancing and streamlining functionalities. On the product side, we will make sure that the complete range of fixed income futures and options will be available on Eurex EnLight later this year, including all fixed income ETF options and fixed income futures. With this step, all products tradable on Eurex, except TRFs, will also be tradable on EnLight. TRFs are in the pipeline for 2022.

With the second T7 release, towards the end of 2021, we will include the staging of RFQs. This will greatly reduce implementation efforts, allowing easier integration of Eurex EnLight into Order Management Systems (OMS). Requestors can also look forward to the look and feel of our enhanced EnLight GUI, which will be more aligned with Eurex’s existing GUIs.

We will keep you posted.

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