02 Apr 2020

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The new and free Eurex app

Eurex recently launched the new app “Eurex” for its customers. We spoke to Franziska Meder and Rahwa Kidane from Information Management at Deutsche Börse about the new service.

What is the Eurex app about?

The Eurex app is an efficient way to keep our clients informed about what is going on at Eurex. It offers consolidated access to Eurex's key information services such as: 

  • Circulars & Mailings 
  • Publications & Press Releases 
  • Initiative websites 
  • Upcoming events  
  • Production Newsboard 
  • Service status of our systems

There is a tremendous amount of information provided by Eurex via several channels. We combined everything to make it easily accessible via the app. The app covers the Eurex services and focuses on users like developers, coordinators and project managers, technicians, compliance, etc.

What are the advantages for the user?

The features are designed to reduce the daily effort for our customers. The app will keep customers up to date and allow them to share incoming information with colleagues to improve the overall communication flow. It will help the clients always be up to date during the introduction of new products and services on their way to readiness.
In the newsfeed, the core feature of the app, you will receive your desired content chronologically sorted across markets and projects, exactly like you are used to from social media apps. In the settings area, you can select topics you are interested in and, if you wish, have them pushed to the lock screen of your device. You can also mark important news as favorites to read them at a later stage.

Where did the idea to build the Eurex app come from?

The basic idea behind the app is to reduce the administrative effort driven by change projects (regulation, releases, products, etc.) for clients and to reduce client inquiries at Eurex. The idea is that a client can perform the administrative efforts while waiting for the elevator, for instance. As soon as an update is published, the user can process the information immediately. 
Eurex distributes information to clients through various channels. On the one hand, there are different sections on the website, such as initiative pages, focus news, events and on the other hand, clients can subscribe to various direct mailings. With the new app, we merge these information streams into a single gateway.    
The way we consume information has drastically changed within the last years. We spend a lot of time reading, watching or listening to all sorts of information via a mobile device. Therefore, our company has to use this information distribution channel. We talked to clients to find out what their preferences are, and which features they would prefer.
The Eurex app should provide our clients with a convenient way of receiving and reading Eurex updates. With the Eurex app, clients can always stay up to date on publications on the go!

What are your plans for the future?

We want to continuously improve our customer experience and aim to improve the quality of services for our clients. As we live the collaborative approach with clients and want to co-create additional features, we will carefully analyze the acceptance by users and regularly evaluate the app. There are already some more new features in the pipeline, and we always strive to align the corporate design when changes occur. Hence, we'd love to receive feedback, comments and improvement ideas from clients, users and colleagues.
And last but not least, we want to support sustainability further. The app currently runs fully automatic and is carbon neutral. We aim to run the app using renewable energy once our cloud infrastructure provider can offer this.

Where can you get the app?

The Eurex app can be downloaded for Android or iOS devices, for free, via the Google PlayStore or the iOS AppStore. The app is called “Eurex” with a nice Eurex Exchange and Eurex Clearing logo. Once you have the app installed, you can easily tailor the features to your specific needs; such as customize your personal newsfeed or personalize the app settings to receive your selected content as notifications directly to your lock screen.

Rahwa Kidane and Franziska Meder 

Market Status


The market status window is an indication regarding the current technical availability of the trading system. It indicates whether news board messages regarding current technical issues of the trading system have been published or will be published shortly.

We strongly recommend not to take any decisions based on the indications in the market status window but to always check the production news board for comprehensive information on an incident.

An instant update of the Market Status requires an enabled up-to date Java™ version within the browser.