07 Dec 2022


We are FOW’s Exchange of the Year

The year ends very satisfyingly: We have been named "Exchange of the Year – Europe" by FOW. Since we have already received two more prestigious awards this year, we seem to be doing something right. The jury of the FOW justified their decision to choose Eurex as follows:

Thanks, we feel appropriately flattered and we also acknowledge the growing importance and disruptive potential of digital assets. We will not rest on our laurels. On the contrary. Given the current situation on the financial markets and the general challenges facing our industry, there is no time for that. We promise to keep on with our way of working and anticipating our clients’ needs.

In the last 12 months, the Covid-19 pandemic as well as the Ukraine war have challenged many seemingly self-evident facts and regularities of the last decades (peace, energy, changed interest rate environment). Boundless interdependencies have led to risks (e.g., increased inflation, energy shortages, food supply disruptions and supply changes) cascading inexorably across countries and sectors. We have a special responsibility here – because one of our very own tasks is to ensure safe and functioning markets in which participants can transfer risks at any time. 

Awards are nice to have but hard to earn; that’s why this success is a real incentive for the new year and spurs us on to find further innovative solutions, together, with, and for our clients.

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