14 Sep 2021


Liquidity highlight ESG-X (FSEG) September 2021

Since the beginning of this year, Eurex observed that the contract volume ratio of FSEG vs. FXXP is continuously growing and now stands at 20%. In other words, one-fifth of these European benchmark indices now trade in the ESG version.

Additionally, we see the ESG-X future’s notional open interest at level 1 at EUR 20 million and, therefore, exceeds FXXP by EUR 8 million.

Futures have seen a substantial increase in available liquidity on the best price level since their launch beginning of 2019.

  • On 21 July, we saw more than 22 million EUR at Level 1
  • On a notional level, there is more displayed liquidity in STOXX® Europe 600 ESG-X Futures (FSEG) than in the regular STOXX® Europe 600 benchmark Future (FXXP)
  • Strong increase since January 2021, with two successive quarterly trading records (Q1/2021: 562.7K contracts vs. Q2/2021 637.7K contracts) driven by more trading participants using ESG-X as the leading sustainable benchmark
  • Five on-screen market makers provide prices in the order book with continuous presence over the last six months
  • There is now 8 million EUR more displayed liquidity in the FSEG at best level vs. FXXP
  • In 2021, more than EUR 21 billion notional traded in the STOXX® EUROPE 600 ESG-X (EUR 16.5 billion futures and EUR 4.7 billion options)

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