06 May 2021


Eurex FX update


Launch of Options on FX Futures

Options on FX Futures in twelve currency pairs complement our FX Futures offering. Profit from low execution costs and high price granularity. A market-leading liquidity provider scheme offers trading fee rebates, as well as a long-term revenue sharing partnership. Find more information on our FX webpage.

Launch of Cross Currency Swap and OTC FX clearing

Eurex Clearing is the first CCP to offer a clearing and guaranteed net settlement service in CLSClearedFX across cross currency swaps and OTC FX (FX spot, FX forwards and FX swaps). The service provides capital benefits and guarantees settlement. Go to the circular or find more information on our EurexOTC Currency Clearing webpage.

Migration of FX derivatives to the standard T7 trading system

To simplify access and lower the entry barrier to our FX products, we will transfer our FX derivatives from the T7/FX trading system to our standard T7 trading system. Simulation started on 1 April.

Production start is planned for 17 May 2021. Watch this video with Maximilian Dannheimer and find more information in this circular.


Eurex EnLight: Extension of FX derivatives

As of 31 May 2021, the Eurex FX Derivatives (Classic FX Futures, Rolling Spot Futures and Options on Classic FX Futures) will also become available for trading on our RFQ platform Eurex EnLight. Read more in our circular.

Like some more?

Uncleared Margin Rules for FX clearing – Questions & Answers

Phases 5 and 6 of Uncleared Margin Rules (UMR) are rapidly approaching. This means that in September 2021 and September 2022, firms with an Average Aggregate Notional Amount (AANA) greater than EUR 50 and 8 billion respectively are required to post initial margin bilaterally with each of their counterparts.

What does this mean for your business and how do you determine if your firm is in scope for UMR? Go to QnA


The Finance Hive’s UMR Digital Boardroom

The first instalment of The Finance Hive’s UMR Digital Boardroom series focused on FX Clearing, and why this should be considered an option for the buy side looking to address the UMR rules. The bespoke group of senior buy side keen to discuss the evolution of clearing in FX were joined by Hive recommended partner Eurex, who were on hand to share their expertise and experiences in a rapidly developing market. Read more.

FX webcast replay: Accelerate your FX business in a changing regulatory landscape

As the Post-Brexit U.K.-EU relation on financial services remains uncertain and new regulatory obligations come into effect in 2021, establishing efficient FX trading and clearing is becoming essential for market participants.

In this webcast, Eurex and Deutsche Börse experts shared their insights and discussed key aspects to consider. Rewatch this cast here.


FX at the heart of innovation in the post-UMR world

Foreign exchange (FX) clearing and the over-the-counter (OTC) market's transition onto listed markets has long been the holy grail for European exchanges, coveted and eagerly anticipated but elusive and unattainable in reality. As the uncleared margin rules (UMR) near their final implementation, banks shift toward the Standardized Approach to Counterparty Credit Risk (SA-CCR) calculations and the market continues to advance into electronic trading. However, could the market finally be on the cusp of significant growth in clearing and listed execution? Download the review of the Derivatives Forum Frankfurt 2021 and read the full article.

e-Forex: What is "To-Clear" Liquidity and how can it reduce your trading costs?

In this article David Holcombe, Head of Product, FX Futures & FX Clearing at 360T explains that, far from being just an expensive post-trade add-on, central clearing actually represents a quantifiable economic opportunity for market participants. Read article on e-Forex.net.