Webcast (replay): Managing dividend exposure using dividend derivatives

  • Start:  14. October 2PM CET
  • End:    14. October 3PM CET


14 Oct 2021 12:00 AM

Dividend derivatives seem to be finding a bigger audience. They are not only being used to hedge dividend exposure within the structured products industry, but seem to be also attracting interest from investors, that aim to invest in those instruments with the mandate to extract risk premia.

Discussion topics:

  • COVID-19 market disruption wiped €100 bn cash dividend payouts in 2020
  • Financial Institutions dividend ban by regulators: ECB, PRA, FSA
  • Futures pricing recovery in longer dated maturities
  • Europe sees strong dividend recovery, larger short-term growth potential off depressed base
  • Market interest in Dividend Derivatives from outside of Europe (US & APAC)


  • Natasha Sibley, Fund Manager, Janus Henderson
  • Maximilian Leuschner, Executive Director, Morgan Stanley
  • Michael Maxwell, Research Analyst, Bloomberg L.P.
  • Andreas Schmidt, Specialist Equity Derivatives, Bloomberg L.P.
  • Javier Manso Polo, Research Analyst, Bloomberg L.P.
  • Zubin Ramdarshan, Head of Equity and Index Product Design, Eurex


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