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Related Security Spread Futures

Facilitate Relative Value trades in an innovative and efficient way                            

Related Security Spread “RSS” Futures are futures contracts on a specific spread ratio index. The iSTOXX Spread Ratio indices aim to offer exposure to the relative value spread, which is defined as the ratio between two securities that are related to the same company and is measured using five-day moving averages. Each index family consists of two securities, referred to as leg A and leg B. The composition of each index is fixed over time.

Executing the components of a spread exposes end-users to market moves, requires sophisticated execution systems and has high trading and holding costs. RSS Futures replace the need to execute two stock legs simultaneously (plus an FX layer). End clients benefit from ease of execution, obtain fixed notional / FX neutral exposure, reduced costs and increased transparency.

As an exchange-traded and centrally cleared product, our RSS Futures offer added benefits in terms of independent mark-to-market valuation and substantially reduced counterparty risk due to Eurex Clearing acting as the central counterparty.

Key benefits

  • RSS Futures replace the need to execute two stock legs simultaneously (plus an FX layer)
  • Ability to leave limit orders at set spread levels
  • Equal notional spread exposure equivalent to a daily adjusted equal notional trade in both legs
  • RSS Futures will incorporate market-implied funding cost and achieve better-implied dividend level
  • Transparent marketplace with on-screen liquidity provided by market makers 
  • Correct spread level is more observable in a liquid RSS futures market
  • Daily settlement prices provided by the exchange


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Related Security Spread Futures facilitate relative value trades in an innovative and efficient way. In this video, Richard Aked from Maven explains the concept of Related Security Spread Futures, how they work, and their key features.


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