Corporate Bond Index Futures

A unique, exchange-traded offering for the corporate bond market in Europe.

With the EURO STOXX 50® Corporate Bond Index Futures, Eurex provides buy- and sell-side a versatile and efficient hedging instrument to manage and replicate most of the existing interest rate and credit risk of core Eurozone countries. The Corporate Bond Index Future is a cash settled index future with a quarterly expiry and the unique advantages of an exchange traded, straight-through processed and centrally cleared product. As it has the structure of a standard Eurex index future, it can be easily added to customers’ existing infrastructure.

Corporate Bond Index Futures: manage your credit risk exposure of core Eurozone countries

The European Fixed Income Markets are in a state of fundamental change with investment banks and asset managers restructuring their businesses to meet new regulatory requirements. At the same time buy-side firms’ investment approach is undergoing structural changes as passive products such as exchange-traded funds (ETFs) are gaining momentum. Along with an extraordinary monetary policy, these changes are creating a need for alternative instruments for hedging and portfolio management in the European corporate bond market.

Key benefits

  • Futures alternative
    An unrivalled trading and hedging alternative in the European corporate bond market, Corporate Bond Index Futures serve as a proxy for the debt of the EURO STOXX constituents and an alternative to corporate credit default swaps (CDS).
  • Optimized portfolio management
    Reduce tracking risk and help generate leveraged access to corporate bond beta as a portfolio overlay.
  • Operational efficiency
    Improve daily operational procedures (e.g. cash bond settlement procedure).
  • Support the development of structured products
    Offer banks that sell bespoke and structured products an efficient hedge.
  • Spread trading opportunities
    A liquid instrument to trade Eurozone corporate debt versus 5-year German government bond futures (FGBM) or versus EURO STOXX 50® equity index futures. Exchange for Physicals (EFP) Services allow for the simultaneous purchase/sale of futures along with a sale/purchase of the underlying bond or another futures contract. 
  • Block Trade Services
    In addition to the Central Limit Orderbook (CLOB), Corporate Bond Index Futures trades can also be agreed bilaterally, and subsequently registered via Eurex’ T7 Entry Services. The minimum block trade threshold is 100 contracts (does not apply to EFP).


Unzip a new asset class – Corporate Bond Index Futures

A new asset class – first listed futures on a European Corporate Bond Index

Launching: Corporate Bond Index Futures Manage your credit risk exposure of EURO STOXX 50® constituents Watch Lee Bartholomew, Head of Fixed Income & FX Product R&D, Eurex share his thoughts on the new corporate bond index futures.

An introduction to the EURO STOXX Corporate Bond Index

Listen to Dr. Jan-Carl Plagge, former Head of Applied Research, STOXX, as he shares the mechanics of the EURO STOXX Corporate Bond index


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