T7 Release 10.0

With T7 Release 10.0 Eurex will introduce the following new features, changes and enhancements:

  • Next Generation Exchange Traded Derivatives (ETDs) Contracts
  • Self-Match Prevention (SMP) and Matching Cascades
  • Eurex EnLight: Staging of Request-For-Quote and Auto Pulling of Quotes
  • Enhancing Pre-Trade Risk Limits for Future Spreads
  • Aggregation of off-book Trade Sides
  • SFTP up/download functionality for non-MiFIR transaction reporting - Art. 26 (5) MIFIR
  • SFTP upload functionality for short codes and algoIDs
  • Trading Sessions for the T7 FIX LF interface

Please note that T7 Release 10.0 will not provide backwards compatibility for ETI or FIX.

Simulation start: 13 September 2021
Production start: 22 November 2021

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Next Generation Exchange Traded Derivatives (ETDs) Contracts

Eurex is aiming to introduce a more flexible set-up of ETDs by implementing an enhanced contract identification concept allowing more than one expiration per month on product level (sub-monthly contracts).

New business initiatives:

  • Integration of weekly expiring instruments on product level
  • Volatility Strategies in Single Stock Options
  • Market-on-Close Futures T+X (Basis Trading in Equity Index Futures)
  • Trading Members need to adjust the Trading GUI due to required changes in displaying adapted contract names.
  • Trading Members need to check their system landscape whether contract handling is referring to limiting expiry month-year information.
  • Due to the integration of weekly options, there might be an impact on the handling of MM protection and the Pre-trade risk limits. We recommend, that Trading Members make the necessary adjustments if required.

Trading Sessions for the T7 FIX LF interface

The new FIX LF interface & sessions will use FIX 4.4 protocol and be integrated closer into the T7 architecture in a stepwise approach (initially offered in parallel to existing FIX Gateway, replacement after transition period).

  • Trading Members need to make sure to order new session in time and perform sufficient testing.

Next Generation ETD Contracts

Next Generation ETD Contract - a more flexible set-up of Exchange Traded Derivatives (ETD) products. Visit our dedicated website to find out more!
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FIX Gateway Migration

The introduction of the T7 FIX LF interface for trading sessions will take place together with the introduction of T7 Release 10.0. Find more information about the new FIX LF interface and associated FIX LF sessions on our dedicated website!
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In case of any questions or your require further information, please contact us at client.services@eurex.com

Are you looking for information on previous releases? We have stored information about our previous releases in our Archive for you!

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