12. Juli 2021


Eurex and Korea Exchange further expand their link with Korean Won contract

  • Daily USD/KRW Futures available from 26 July
  • Eurex is the only after-hours trading venue for USD/KRW Futures
  • Contracts are CFTC approved and tradable in the U.S.

The global derivatives exchange Eurex and the Korea Exchange (KRX) will strengthen the product range tradable via their joint Eurex/KRX link with U.S. Dollar/Korean Won Futures. The contracts are scheduled to launch on 26 July. The new product listing emphasizes once again the partner exchanges’ decade long commitment to connecting markets globally and around the clock.

Eurex is the only venue that offers domestic and international investors access to the Korean market outside Korean trading hours. The new FX contract will complement the KOSPI 200 Options, Mini-KOSPI Futures, and the recently launched KOSPI 200 Futures. Like the other Eurex/KRX link products, the U.S. Dollar/Korean Won Futures contract is fully fungible with the corresponding contract listed at KRX. This means that global market participants may continue to trade Korean Won Futures at Eurex during core European and North American trading hours. Due to daily expiry, they result in a corresponding position at KRX prior to the KRX market opening.

Following CFTC approval, this product will be available to U.S. market participants upon launch.

Michael Peters, CEO of Eurex: “South Korea is one of the world's leading exporting nations. For financial institutions, corporates, and investors – whether in Asia, Europe or the U.S. – this FX futures contract is a valuable tool to facilitate exposure to Korean Won and manage currency risk around the clock.”

Sohn Byungdoo, Chairman and CEO of KRX: "Following the successful launch of Eurex KOSPI 200 Futures on 22 March, the listing of USD/KRW Futures on the KRX-Eurex link market, which are the first FX futures on the link, will provide investors with an opportunity to manage the foreign exchange risk on a 24-hour basis. Furthermore, the listing also carries great meaning in that it broadens the diversity of products offered on the KRX-Eurex link.”

The Eurex/KRX link, which has been in place since August 2010, enables around-the-clock trading opportunities in the KOSPI 200 market, which belongs to the most heavily traded benchmarks worldwide. The average daily volume at Eurex in June was 57,000 contracts. Of these, 50,000 contracts were traded in KOSPI 200 options.

Media contacts Eurex:

Irmgard Thiessen

Peter Josse 

About Eurex

Eurex stands for the leading European derivatives exchange and – with Eurex Clearing – one of the leading central counterparties globally. Being architects of trusted markets characterized by market liquidity, efficiency, and integrity, we provide our customers with innovative solutions to seamlessly manage risk.

About KRX

Korea Exchange Inc. (KRX) is the main operator of cash and derivatives maket in Korea and it is also responsible for clearing and settlement facilities in those respective markets. KRX provides its customers with a full access to both cash and derivatives markets and clears and settles all transactions on its markets as a one-stop service. As a leading derivatives exchange in Asia, KRX offers diverse product group including individual equities, stock index, bond/interest rate, foreign currency, and commodities. The KOSPI200 Index is a market capitalization weighted index that consists of 200 blue-chip stocks listed on the KRX stock market. It represents the benchmark indicator of the Korean capital market.




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