30 Sep 2021

Iliad S.A.: Takeover (Update as of 30 September 2021)

Update as of 30 September 2021

In a media release dated 29 September 2021, the company HoldCo II S.A.S. has announced that the competent French authorities had confirmed HoldCo II S.A.S. would control more than 90% of Iliad S.A.’s share capital and attributable voting rights and would be eligible to squeeze out the remaining Illiad S.A. shareholders. Accordingly, as described in Corporate Action Info 001 and pursuant to the Contract Specifications for Futures Contracts and Options Contracts at Eurex Deutschland, existing positions in futures contracts ILDF and TILD as well as options contracts ILD will be settled at the theoretical fair value. Basis for the calculation of the fair values is the tender offer price of EUR 182.00 per share.

The final settlement prices for the options contracts ILD with open interest are given in the tables below. There are no open positions in futures contracts ILDF and TILD.

Today, 30 September 2021, all participants with open positions will receive an information containing an overview of their respective open positions. Resulting cash balances will be booked today, 30 September 2021, with value date 01 October 2021. In the end-of-day processing on 01 September 2021, any open positions will be booked out effective 02 September 2021.

Trading in contracts related to Iliad S.A. has been discontinued on 28 September 2021 after close of trading.

In a media release dated 30 July 2021, the company HoldCo II S.A.S. has announced to acquire Iliad S.A. via a simplified tender offer to the shareholders of Iliad S.A. at a price of EUR 182.00 per share.

More information about this transaction is available on the company’s website www.iliad.fr.

This information describes the potential effects this transaction will have on the above-mentioned contracts.


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