T7 Release 11.0

With T7 Release 11.0 following functional enhancements will be introduced: 

  • Pre-Trade Risk Limits enhancements for options  
  • Eurex Total Return Futures for French Government Bonds 
  • Publication of Herfindahl-Hirschman Index via Market Data  
  • Monday and Wednesday Weekly Option Contracts 
  • Tag 1031 “custOrderHandlingInst” Usage Adaptions 
  • Introduction of non-recoverable Eurex EnLight Quotes 
  • Off-book trades via T7-EOBI 
  • Message Encryption for ETI Low Frequency Gateways 

Please note that T7 Release 11.0 will not provide backwards compatibility for ETI or FIX. 

Simulation start: 12 September 2022
Production start: 21 November 2022

T7 11.0 timeline-01

Release Items/Participants Requirements



Action Item

Pre-Trade Risk Limits Enhancements for Options 

Eurex will offer an enhanced calculation for the Pre-Trade Risk Limit (PTRL) consumption for Options. A different aggregation logic will be performed as compared to Futures products to address the position effect of orders and quotes entered and executed for Options products. This logic will follow the implementation already applied for the Market Maker Protection Delta Statistics Definitions.  

Trading Members are requested to get familiar with the new logic. 

Monday and Wednesday Weekly Options Contracts 

Necessary steps are taken to introduce integrated Monday and Wednesday Weekly Options contracts supplementing the already existing Friday Weekly Options contracts introduced by the Next Generation ETD Contracts initiative.  

Trading Members are requested to get familiar with the new logic. 

Tag 1031 “custOrderHandlingIns” Usage Adaptions 

The ETI/FIX LF Tag 1031 “custOrderHandlingInst” will become mandatory for all agency trading. Order entries and modifications without a submitted “custOrderHandlingInst” when the Trading Capacity Agency is used will be rejected. 

Trading Members and Vendors need to prepare for this changes and perform sufficient testing.

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