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Equity Derivatives

Eurex offers the world’s most comprehensive range of equity options and Single Stock Futures on individual shares.

The Eurex equity options segment covers more than 500 companies from all over the globe. Thanks to the liquidity provider model, users can benefit from tight spreads and ample liquidity to hedge their market risk or pinpoint specific exposure to certain segments or companies. The Eurex market model with advanced features like Eurex EnLight, Eurex Improve and Eurex PLP ensure a fair market with optimal price and size discovery for all participants.

Our Single Stock Futures segments cover most of the STOXX® Europe 600 Index components and shares of major U.S. and Canadian companies. These futures can be used as an alternative to outright equity investments, using a much smaller capital outlay compared to buying cash equities.

Equity Options

In this segment, you’ll never run out of options. There are more than 800 option contracts at your disposal covering every industry segment. Find all the contract specifications, statistics, prices, quotes & more by clicking here.

Single Stock Futures

Eurex offers more single stock futures than any other exchange. With 840 futures and counting, you can construct your own global investment portfolio. Find all their trading specifications, statistics, prices & more here.

Equity Total Return Futures

Find out more about a futurized solution for equity financing. The standardization of ETRFs and BTRFs is all about better risk management, improved capital efficiency and security when trading total return exposures on an equity benchmark like EURO STOXX 50®.

Related Security Spread Futures

Find out more how to facilitate relative value trades in an innovative and efficient way.

Stock Tracking Futures

Trade the performance of a stock. Find the available products here.

Corporate Actions

In the case of capital adjustments of quoted equities, the corresponding equity options and Single Stock Futures may be affected. Find a list of all Corporate Actions and Procedures