Trade directly at Eurex Exchange

Exchange Membership

Institutions wishing to trade directly at Eurex via the Eurex integrated trading and clearing system must be admitted as Eurex trading members. Companies may apply for trading admission as long as they fulfill the membership conditions. Eurex does not permit personal memberships. However, once a company becomes a Eurex member, Eurex does not limit the number of registered traders on its behalf.

Exchange members can participate in the clearing either directly (as Direct Clearing Member or General Clearing member) or indirectly via a Clearing Member. Exchange members who wish to take part in the clearing process directly need to apply for a Clearing License with Eurex Clearing. An Exchange Participant without a Clearing License is a DC Market Participant with Eurex Clearing.

Additionally, all exchange members may apply for a Market Maker license. Supplementary approvals for the use of quote machines, electronic eyes, order routing systems, Eurex Trade Entry Services or trading screens in branch offices are possible.

Companies considering Eurex membership or clearing licenses should contact Eurex Sales & Relationship Management or directly the Eurex Onboarding Team. A meeting will be arranged in order to discuss membership procedures in detail and review application forms. A dedicated Eurex Onboarding contact person will coordinate all process steps necessary for the admission and connection.


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