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FIX Gateway Migration

Eurex has already introduced new FIX LF back office sessions (Simulation and Production) as part of T7 Release 9.0. FIX gateway back office sessions will no longer be available after 31 August 2021. 

With T7 Release 10.0, Eurex will introduce the corresponding T7 FIX LF trading sessions that will be offered in parallel to the existing FIX Gateway trading sessions (transition phase). T7 Release 10.0 will support only FIX version 4.4 for the existing FIX gateway and for the new FIX LF gateway.  

Simulation start: 13 September 2021 
Production start: 22 November 2021 

Fix Gateway Migration timeline

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FIX LF interface

The new FIX LF sessions will make use of FIX 4.4 protocol only and be integrated closer into the T7 architecture by providing similar underlying infrastructure and functional/technical characteristics as the existing ETI interface. 

Please note that T7 Release 10.0 will support only FIX version 4.4 - both for the existing FIX gateway and for the new FIX LF gateway. 

Existing applications must be adapted to use the new FIX LF interface at the earliest possible opportunity. Members using FIX version 4.2 must also ensure that their applications are adapted to FIX version 4.4. 

FIX LF sessions

With T7 Release 10.0, new T7 FIX LF trading sessions will first be offered in parallel to existing FIX Gateway trading sessions. After a transition period (until end of April 2022) the existing FIX gateway will be decommissioned.  

Members with trading sessions via the existing Eurex FIX Gateway interface should be aware that support for these sessions will be provided until the end of April 2022. Members are requested to order new FIX LF trading sessions in time. 

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The market status window is an indication regarding the current technical availability of the trading system. It indicates whether news board messages regarding current technical issues of the trading system have been published or will be published shortly.

We strongly recommend not to take any decisions based on the indications in the market status window but to always check the production news board for comprehensive information on an incident.

An instant update of the Market Status requires an enabled up-to date Java™ version within the browser.