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Next Generation ETD Contracts

Eurex is aiming to introduce a more flexible set-up of Exchange Traded Derivatives (ETD) products by implementing an enhanced contract identification concept in June 2022 allowing more than one expiration per month on product level (sub-monthly contracts).

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New features, changes and improvements: 

  • Integration of Weekly Expiring Instruments on Product Level
  • Volatility Strategies in Single Stock Options
  • Market-on-Close Futures T+X (Basis Trading in Equity Index Futures)

Simulation start: 6 Dec 2021 (limited testing), Jan 2022 (full scope testing)
Production start: end Jun 2022 (grace period until end of Nov 2022) 

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Action Item

T7 10.0 (Nov 2021): API, GUI, Report changes

  • New contract attributes will be introduced and available via the T7 reference data interface RDI / RDF with T7 Release 10.0 (as initially planned)
  • Starting from November, Eurex will support both formats (dual contract identification phase)
    current format: MMYYYY and
    new format: DDMMYYYY
  • Contract identification in T7 is already based on numerical ID
  • Trading Participants should take appropriate actions to be able to handle products containing contracts with sub-monthly expirations and to switch to the new contract identification concept based on day-month-year as soon as possible

Simulation Start for T7 (early Dec 2021)

  • New layouts and reports
  • Trading Participants should prepare and make the necessary adjustments with respect to reports, GUIs as well as interface changes

Full Scope Simulation for T7 (end of Jan 2022)

  • Sub-monthly contracts added to the simulation environment
  • Take advantage of the full scope simulation

Production Go-Live (Jun 2022)

  • New contract identification approach available for with releases for T7, C7, Prisma
  • Trading Participants should be prepared to deal with new contract concept based on day-month-year

Launch of Business Initiatives (Jul 2022)

  • Integration of Weekly Options
  • Daily Expiring Single Stock Futures for Options Volatility Strategies
  • T+X basis trading for all MSCI Futures
  • With the launch of the new business initiatives in July 2022, Clearing Members and their Trading Participants that are not compliant with the new contract identification approach will not have access to weekly options and will not be able to support the new business initiatives

Grace Period (Jun – Nov 2022)

  • Contracts with sub-monthly expirations can not be traded if not switched to new identification approach based on contract date
  • If Trading Members want to continue to trade all ETD products, they, as well as their clearer, must implement new contract identification approach

End of Grace Period (Nov 2022)

  • Mandatory use of contract identification approach for all Trading & Clearing Participants
  • Parallel support of current and new contract identification concept will end
  • With the end of the grace period in Nov 2022, Clearing Members and their Trading Participants that are not compliant with the new contract identification approach will not have access to any ETD products

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