The power of One

Equity Index Derivatives

Global, regional and thematic coverage

With Eurex’s all-encompassing suite of global, regional, and thematic indices, the investment world is yours for the taking. Diversify your investments or gain extra exposure to specific areas of your portfolio. With its integrated clearing, cross margining and a massive pool of products and liquidity, Eurex does not only show what The Power of One can bring to investors. It also makes our suite the One.

Eurex offers a single point of entry into a sea of liquidity, giving you operational and financial efficiency. Our benchmark indexes are among the most liquid exchange-traded derivatives worldwide and attract a global network of market participants.

The power of One

Key Benefits

  • Global, Pan-European and national coverage
  • Indices from several, leading Index Providers: Qontigo (STOXX), MSCI and FTSE.
  • Suite of volatility instruments
  • Futures and Options on one platform allow strategy trading
  • Unrivaled transparency – all products are supported by order books facilitating best execution
  • Transparent and liquid offering facilitates best-execution
  • Global distribution
  • State-of-the-art trading platform
  • Central clearing allowing for STP
  • Portfolio margining available via Eurex Clearing Prisma

Indices from leading providers


The EURO STOXX 50® Index is the leading benchmark in Europe. Futures and Options on this index are amongst the most liquid derivatives worldwide. In addition, Eurex was the pioneer in developing Dividend Futures and Total Return Futures on this flagship index.

STOXX® Europe 600

The broad-based STOXX® Europe 600 Index is one of the fastest-growing contracts. In parallel, Eurex created an ESG-screened derivatives version of the index, which became the most liquid ESG-Futures worldwide. We also offer futures and options on all 19 EURO STOXX®/STOXX® Europe 600 sectors, providing investors direct access to European economic sectors such as banks, insurance, and oil & gas.

MSCI Indices

MSCI Index Derivatives cover developed, emerging and frontier markets, as well as several sector, factor and style indexes. Eurex is becoming the global venue of choice for futures and options on MSCI World, Europe and EM/EM Asia. ESG index derivatives are added to help investors in the transitioning process towards more sustainable portfolios.


DAX® is Deutsche Börse’s blue-chip index for the German stock market, one of Europe's most efficient stock markets. It’s comprised of the 40 largest and most actively traded German companies.


The Swiss market index (SMI®) is Switzerland's benchmark stock market index. It’s made up of 20 of the largest and most liquid large and mid-cap stocks. The securities in the SMI® currently represent more than 90 percent of the entire market capitalization and 90 percent of the trading volume of all Swiss and Liechtenstein equities listed on SIX (Swiss Exchange).

FTSE 100

The UK benchmark index FTSE 100 was added to the Eurex product suite in March 2021. The FTSE 100 product suite at Eurex includes FTSE 100 Index Total Return Futures, FTSE 100 Index Futures and Options and FTSE 100 Index Declared Dividend Futures.

Explore our Equity Index Products

  • Thematic Index Suite
    The massive growth of ESG investing has created a demand for derivatives based on sophisticated or diversified index concepts reflecting these sustainability factors.
  • Environmental Social Governance (ESG) Index Futures
    The massive growth of ESG investing has created a demand for derivatives based on sophisticated or diversified index concepts reflecting these sustainability factors.
  • Index Total Return Futures
    Index Total Return Futures (TESX) are a listed Solution for implied equity repo trading on the EURO STOXX 50®.
  • Dividend Derivatives
    Find out more about growing range of dividend derivatives that were developed to allow trading the dividend as a separate income stream as a better alternative to OTC trading.