The Cross-Project-Calendar is your go-to place to get an overview of the main cross project actions, which need to be performed by Eurex Trading Members and/or by ISVs in order to ensure a smooth readiness for all upcoming initiatives. Get quickly and easily a summary of all upcoming:

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  • product introductions
  • changes of contract specifications
  • deadlines, events and much more

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Date         ProjectAction Item

01 Jun

Equity Derivatives: Introduction of 20 Single Stock Dividend Futures

Inclusion of new Single Stock Dividend Futures and EnLight rebates in FTSE® 100 Declared Dividend Index Futures LP Scheme.

01 Jun

MSCI index derivatives: Change to the Liquidity Provider schemes

The quote machines need to be adjusted in order to reflect the change in the Liquidity Provider parameters. The production starts on 1 June.

04 Jun

Euro Fixed Income Futures: Definition of reporting and position limits for June 2021

Long positions in June 2021 contracts must therefore be within the prescribed limits at start of trading.

Contract expiration on 8 June 2021.

07 Jun

Equity Index Derivatives: Tradability of FTSE® 100 Products and EURO STOXX® Select Dividend 30 Index Total Return Futures for Participants in the U.S.

Go-Live: 7 June

14 Jun

Equity Derivatives: Introduction of Single Stock Futures, equity options and other equity derivatives measures

Go-Live: 14 June

21 Jun

EURO STOXX® 50 Index Futures

The smallest price change (tick) in outright contracts of EURO STOXX® 50 (FESX) Index Futures will be reduced. The production starts on 21 June. For required action please see Eurex Circular 007/21.

28 Jun

T7 Release 9.1

Go-live of T7 Release 9.1.

01 Jul

Amendment to the “Product Specific Supplement” for options on ETFs

Interested Liquidity Providers are invited to participate in the scheme to have the opportunity to benefit from the available incentives by fulfilling the quote requirements

13 Sep

T7 Release 10.0

Start of simulation phase of T7 Release 10.0.

23 Oct

Disaster Recovery (DR) Test

All Eurex members are asked to participate in the DR Test. 


Next Generation ETD Contracts

Introduction of the Next Generation ETD Contracts. For details please refer to Eurex Circular 27/21.

22 Nov

T7 Release 10.0

Go-live of T7 Release 10.0.

22 Nov

MiFID II/MiFIR: Changes to transaction reporting according to Article 26 (5) MiFIR for non-MiFIR firms

Migration to the new CUE/CRE solution

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