14 Jan 2021


T7: Introduction of a consolidated partition-specific Gateway and Matching Engine process

Eurex Circular 005/21 T7: Introduction of a consolidated partition-specific Gateway and Matching Engine process

1.  Introduction

In the first half of 2021, Eurex Exchange will improve the internal configuration of the Matching Engine and partition-specific (PS) Gateway processes on T7 by consolidating them on the same server. 

  • The specific effective dates for all individual introduction steps for the simulation and production are provided below in section 3.B. 

Prior to this architectural change, an upgrade of the server hardware for the T7 Matching Engines will be carried out.

After the final rollout, the consolidated matcher/gateway processes will deliver faster order processing times and introduce further stability improvements. The latter will be achieved by means of a simplified process architecture and a reduction of complex failover scenarios between the active and standby matcher/gateway components. 

The consolidation of the matcher/gateway processes will enable Eurex Exchange to further reduce latency within the T7 trading platform and provide Trading Participants with more predictable latencies in burst scenarios and during overall increased system load in the future.

2.  Action required

Trading Participants should be prepared for changed latency characteristics of orders and market data in relation to orders both during and after the rollout to the consolidated matcher/gateway process configuration.

3.  Details

A. Interface impact

  • No API changes: 

All order entry, market data interfaces and protocols will not be affected by the introduction of the new consolidated matcher/gateway process configuration, i.e. the ETI protocol including its session handling and all market data interfaces will remain unchanged.

  • No IP address changes: 

The IP addresses of the PS-Gateways will not change during any phase of the rollout.

  • “Mixed Mode” and standby PS-Gateway: 

During the so called “Mixed Mode” rollout phase (see below under 3.B.), the standby PS-Gateway process will only be started in the event of an actual failover scenario and is therefore not technically reachable for customers via any network protocol prior to such an event. Once the standby PS-Gateway and Matching Engine become available, a session login and trading will immediately be possible again without any grace period. 

  • Various timing changes: 

During and after the rollout phase, various timing figures of order processing and market data dissemination will change with an expected general improvement of order processing times after the full rollout.

  • “Public data first” principle will be ensured:

Eurex Exchange is committed to a “public data first” principle and will ensure that despite the expected faster ETI response times, public EOBI market data will be disseminated to all market participants ahead of any private ETI responses in all normal market situations

  • Failover after the full rollout:

After the full rollout, the functionality of the PS-Gateway and the Matching Engine will run in one integrated process at Eurex Exchange. This simplifies error processing for the customers, as complex scenarios that previously required reconciliation of different information from ETI and market data in case of single component failures will be avoided.

B. Introduction steps

The rollout of the consolidated matcher/gateway processes is structured in three phases:

1. Hardware preparation starting in Q1 2021

2. Mixed mode: The new consolidated matcher/gateways process for the primary PS-Gateway and Matching Engine only.

3. Full migration: The new consolidated matcher/gateways process for the primary and standby PS-Gateway and Matching Engine.

The first step (hardware preparation) will be completely transparent to Trading Participants and may only be noticed by changed latency profiles in various parts of the order processing and market data dissemination. The upgrades will be announced at short notice via the Eurex Implementation news website.

As an additional safeguard, not all steps of each phase will be rolled out to all partitions simultaneously.


The detailed rollout plan for the production is as follows:

Rollout step


Effective date in production

Mixed Mode


20 March 2021

Mixed Mode

all remaining

27 March 2021

Full migration


8 May 2021

Full migration

all remaining

15 May 2021


The Eurex simulation environment will provide a similar rollout scheme for testing and specific focus days related to the new consolidated matcher/gateway processes. More information regarding the focus days in the simulation environment will be provided at a later point in time in an updated version of the Eurex simulation calendar.

The detailed rollout plan for the simulation is as follows:

Rollout step


Effective date in simulation

Mixed Mode


4 February 2021

Mixed Mode

all remaining

17 February 2021

Full migration


17 March 2021

Full migration

all remaining

12 May 2021

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