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Live now: Options on FTSE Bitcoin Index Futures

Trade and clear Bitcoin like any Eurex product: Gain exposure to Bitcoin in a regulated European environment and benefit from the Eurex Cryptocurrency Derivatives offering!

Eurex has launched the FTSE Bitcoin Index Futures, together with FTSE Russell, as a leading global index provider, and Digital Asset Research (DAR), its provider of institutional-grade digital asset data.

As of October 23 options on FTSE Bitcoin Index Futures are available for trading, offering investors further hedging opportunities and access to the Bitcoin volatility risk premium.  

Key benefits

  • Trade Bitcoin derivatives through established Eurex access
  • Trusted FTSE Russell underlying index
  • Gain exposure to Bitcoin at a regulated European exchange via a cash-settled product
  • Optimal contract size for various portfolio sizes  
  • Centrally cleared by Eurex Clearing

Contract specifications

Contract size

1 EUR / USD per index point (equivalent to 1 BTC)

Underlying Crypto/Fiat Index​

BTC / EUR - FTSE Bitcoin Index EUR (Bloomberg: FBTCEU17 Index <GO>)

BTC / USD - FTSE Bitcoin Index USD (Bloomberg: FBTCUS17 Index <GO>)

Tick size and tick value​


Trading hours​

Monday – Friday: 1:15 – 22:00 CET (2:15 - 22:00 CEST) The trading hours for an expiring crypto futures contract end at 17:00 CE(S)T on its final settlement day​. TES trading until 22:30 CET.

Contract size / underlying

1 Bitcoin Index Futures (equivalent to 1 BTC)

Tick size / value


Trading hours*

Monday - Friday: 8:00 and 20:00 CET

The trading hours for an expiring crypto options contract end at 17:00 CET on its final settlement day

Contract months

The next three succeeding serial months and the next two quarterly expiration (March, June, September, December) up to a maximum term of 9 months.

Exercise prices

40 strikes around the money with 500 steps ATM, and 1,000 further ITM/OTM

Last trading day /

Final settlement day

Last trading day and final settlement is 17:00 CET on the last Friday of the month in which the term of the respective contract expires

Exercise / Settlement

European / Physical delivery of the index futures. The index futures matures on the same exchange day and will be settled in cash

Positions limits

Not applicable

Minimum block sizes

10 lots

All Bitcoin products at a glance

Prices/Quotes Futures

Product Diff. to prev. day last Last price Contracts Time
FBTE +5.50% 61,965.00 51 21:59:08
FBTU +5.28% 66,970.00 95 20:50:53
FBTX +2.97% 55.335 0 17:57:08

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