Innovations with balance sheet netting solutions for repo trading
Eurex Repo Market

Balance Sheet Netting

Enhancements to Eurex and Clearstream’s trading, clearing and settlement infrastructure have delivered an innovative solution that places repo trading clients in the best possible position to achieve balance sheet netting and benefit from the highly liquid and flexible GC Pooling TriParty repo market.

The solution complements Eurex’s ongoing initiatives to support direct buy-side participation in cleared repo markets, which then allows banks and broker-dealers to unlock the capital benefits from multilateral netting through the clearinghouse.

Find out how you can fund your Euro specials repo trading in a balance sheet efficiently manner with GC Pooling. The whitepaper also includes an illustrative case study to highlight the substantial benefits:


By enhancing collateral mobility and credit efficiency for post-trade market participants, we continue to improve access to liquidity and to securities financing markets across the Eurosystem.

Richard Glen
Head of Collateral Management, Banking Funding & Financing
Clearstream Banking S.A.

Running the funding and the securities-driven repo business via the same platform, CCP and settlement system provides unique benefits for our clients, significantly reducing capital requirements for a more efficient and profitable business.

Matthias Graulich
Member of the Executive Board, Eurex Clearing AG
Member of the Management Board, Eurex Repo GmbH