Migration of the T7 GUI Download Servers and T7 GUI Landing Pages

The T7 GUI Landing Pages which are used to launch the T7 Admin-, Trader-, and Clearer GUI were migrated to new servers on 23 February 2022. All users of the current T7 GUI Landing Pages will need to update their bookmarks and/or direct links to the T7 GUIs in their web browsers or desktops.

The previous T7 GUI Landing Pages will remain available in parallel for a transition period to give all participants sufficient time for the migration before the existing servers will be decommissioned end of July 2022. For a complete list of the new servers and URLs, please refer to the document „N7 Network Access Guide“, version 2.1.5 or newer, chapter 6.1.2 and 11.1.2.

Production start: 23 February 2022

Migration of T7 GUI-01

Supporting Documents

The most recent version of the N7 Network Access Guide is stored on the T7 Release 10.1 page under the following path: Support > Initiatives & Releases > T7 Release 10.1 > System Documentation > Network Access. 



Starting 23 February 2022, the new servers, links and URLs are fully usable in simulation, production and Disaster Recovery.

By 02 May 2022, all links to the old servers will automatically forward (redirect) to the new servers. Trading Members must have verified their access to the new servers by then.

Participants Requirements



Action Item

Update bookmarks

T7 GUI users accessing the T7 GUI Landing Pages via bookmarks in their web browser will need to update these bookmarks to the new T7 GUI Landing Pages.

Verify if URLs are reachable. Then update browser bookmarks.

Update direct links

T7 GUI users accessing the T7 GUI Landing Pages or T7 GUIs via direct links on their desktop will need to update these direct links to point to the new addresses.

Verify if new links are reachable.
Then update desktop links.

Adjust firewall rules

Trading Members with strict firewall rules (e.g., based on individual IP addresses) may need to establish new rules for accessing the new servers.

Verify if additional entries or changes to existing firewall rules are required. Update as required.

Verify DNS name resolution

All T7 GUI Landing Page URLs can be resolved via public DNS. Customers not using public DNS services need to add the new FQDN into their DNS service of choice.

Verify if new hostnames (FQDNs) in the URLs and links can be resolved. Add to own DNS as required.

What´s next?

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