Market insights: Digital Asset Trading 2022
Learn from both buy- and sell-side financial institutions active in derivatives markets.
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A new addition to the Micro Product Suite from 19 December 2022
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Product Diff. to prev. day last Last price Contracts Time


Product Diff. to prev. day last Last price Contracts Time
FESX +0.03% 3,984.00 775,592 22:04:32
FDAX +0.36% 14,550.00 57,674 22:04:32
FDXM +0.37% 14,553.00 43,617 22:04:32
FSMI -0.16% 11,217.00 28,350 21:59:54
FESB +0.05% 93.70 131,222 21:59:59
FVS -1.49% 19.90 18,453 21:59:00


Product Diff. to prev. day last Last price Contracts Time
FMWO -0.15% 8,405.00 2,565 21:59:58
FMWN -0.20% 408.20 1,647 21:56:17
FMEU +0.00% 279.00 959 19:00:47
FMEP +0.00% 148.90 0 18:27:05
FMEM +0.16% 497.60 126 18:26:55
FMEA +0.03% 578.90 883 18:27:04

Eurex Herfindahl-Hirschman Index for EOBI

Increasing market transparency via additional market data information and tools.
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S€tting the benchmark

Three-Month Euro STR Futures launch on 23 January.
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European Derivatives Exchange of the Year

Eurex platforms proved a pillar of stability for financial markets.
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Exclusive insights of the Derivatives Forum Amsterdam

Watch the recorded sessions of the Derivatives Forum Amsterdam 2022
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