MSCI Total Return Futures Extension of trading hours
to Asian and European morning sessions.
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Product Diff. to prev. day last Last price Contracts Time
FGBL +0.11% 132.08 5,193 05:06:55
FGBM +0.06% 116.73 2,238 05:02:50
FGBS +0.02% 105.840 2,815 05:02:50
FBTP -0.25% 117.70 248,312 19:03:16
FOAT +0.12% 124.28 862 04:59:45
FGBX +0.26% 130.12 788 05:03:54


Product Diff. to prev. day last Last price Contracts Time
FESX -0.02% 4,862.00 6,766 05:07:27
FDAX -0.02% 18,453.00 426 05:07:01
FDXM -0.02% 18,452.00 475 05:07:08
FSMI -0.50% 12,212.00 16,198 22:03:54
FESB -0.07% 147.10 154 04:00:17
FVS +0.00% 16.65 129 04:48:01


Product Diff. to prev. day last Last price Contracts Time
FMWO +0.00% 11,139.00 61 02:15:02
FMWN -2.09% 524.70 1,103 21:57:53
FMEU -0.78% 338.30 3,417 21:57:49
FMEP -0.63% 172.30 0 18:25:10
FMEM -1.27% 574.50 48 19:53:07
FMEA -0.60% 667.70 13 05:03:40

VSTOXX Options set a new ADV record in June

Get more information and all data in our 'Focus on VSTOXX Derivatives' June recap.

From Silicon to Futures: Diving into Eurex’s STOXX Semiconductor 30

The paper explains the correlation analysis of STOXX Semiconductor 30 Futures with the existing semiconductor futures and the strategic advantageous of trading this product.

Asian investors tap into the growth of European markets

Julien Romand from BNP Paribas and Kris Hopkins from Eurex discuss how we can utilize European derivatives to hedge exposure during Asian hours.

U.S. retail traders turn to Europe to trade election volatility

Clayton Passero from StoneX and Rachna Mathur from Eurex share their views on the increased interest of American retail investors' in European derivatives markets.

Why are Dividends so successful at Eurex? Part 1

VSTOXX Panel with J.P. Morgan, STOXX and Eurex – Asset TV

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