09 Apr 2024


Eurex Readiness Newsflash | Updates April 2024

Eurex Readiness Newsflash | Updates April 2024

Dear customer,

With this Newsflash, we would like to draw your attention to the upcoming publications, events and necessary actions for the ongoing initiatives:

01 Apr

Money Market Derivatives

Amendment of Liquidity Provider schemes for EURIBOR and Euro STR Futures

01 Apr

Equity Derivatives

Amendment of Liquidity Provider Programs "Equity 01 - Equity Options and Selected Equity Index Options", "Equity 02 - Single Stock Futures" and "Equity 03 - Single Stock Dividend Futures"

01 Apr

Equity Index Derivatives

Introduction of Liquidity Provider Schemes for Total Return Futures on MSCI World, EAFE and EM indices

01 Apr

Derivatives on cryptocurrencies

Introduction of new Additional Supporter Incentive to the Liquidity Provider Scheme

10 Apr

Eurex KOSPI Derivatives and USD/KRW Derivatives

Eurex closed for trading in Eurex KOSPI Derivatives and USD/KRW Derivatives

15 Apr

Equity Index Derivatives

Amendment of Eurex Flow Incentive Model

15 Apr

Passive Liquidity Protection

Introduction of Passive Liquidity Protection  for Options on Fixed Income Futures and Options on Money Market Index Futures

27 Apr

Eurex Repo F7 Production

Decommissioning of  self-signed client certificates (API, GUI)

30 Apr 

MSCI derivatives

End of fee reduction for Daily Futures via calendar instruments

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