Decommission of low-frequency Gateways

Eurex is planning to decommission two of the low-frequency trading gateways (L05 and L06) in a two-step approach from the T7 production environment. Sessions currently assigned to the affected gateways will be re-assigned to the remaining gateways.

In the first step, on Saturday, 13 October 2018, the primary application gateway will be re-assigned, and in the second step, on Saturday, 1 December 2018, the secondary application gateway for the sessions will follow.

Following the re-assignment, Trading Participants will receive the IP addresses of the new gateways in the Connection Gateway response which will be sent out following a successful Connection Gateway request.  

To provide Trading Participants with the ability to verify their technical connectivity following the changes and to facilitate a smooth migration to the newly assigned trading gateways prior to the start of production, a connection test will be provided on each of the migration weekends.

The corresponding circular can be found here: Circular 057/2018. If you have any questions please contact your Technical Key Account Manager using your VIP number or via e-mail to: