01 Sep 2020

Eurex Exchange

Eurex Exchange Readiness Newsflash | Updates September 2020

Eurex Exchange Readiness Newsflash

Dear Eurex Participant,

With this Newsflash, we would like to draw your attention to to the upcoming publications, events and necessary actions for the ongoing initiatives:

01 Sep

EURO STOXX 50 Index Options: "Liquidity requirements will be adjusted"

Number of quoted expirations will increase from 10 to 12. 

01 Sep

Dividend Derivatives: „Product Specific Supplement” for EURO STOXX 50® Index Dividend Options change 

Amendment of the “Product Specific Supplement for EURO STOXX 50® Index Dividend Options will come into effect.

03 Sep

Euro Fixed Income Futures: Reporting and position limits for September 2020 defined

Reporting limits will be valid as of 31 August 2020 after close of trading until 3 September 2020 after close of trading. Position limits will be valid from 4 September 2020 (start of trading) until expiration of the September contract on 8 September 2020.

07 Sep

MiFID II / MiFIR: Changes in TES / EnLight Minimum Block Trade Sizes and Non-Disclosure Limits for Eurex products

Eurex will adjust the TES/ EnLight MBTS and the Non-Disclosure Limits for certain products to ensure compliance with the ESMA pre- / post-trade thresholds.

11 Sep

Adjustment of the obligations for performance for the delivery of Euro-Fixed Income futures contracts on debt securities of the Republic of Italy

Amendment of the Contract Specifications for Futures Contracts and Options Contacts at Eurex Deutschland.

14 Sep

T7 Release 9.0

Simulation start for T7 Release 9.0.

14 Sep

Fixed Income Options (OFBD): “Immediate-Or-Cancel (IOC)” order validity requirement for market orders

Eurex T7 will start to only accept market orders with order validity “Immediate-Or-Cancel (IOC)” in Fixed Income Options (OFBD).

28 Sep

Introduction of options on Euro-Buxl Futures

Production start for the Introduction of options on Euro Buxl® Futures.

If you have any questions or comments, please do not hesitate to contact us at: client.services@eurexchange.com.

Kind regards,
Your Client Services Team


All Trading Participants of Eurex Deutschland and Vendors




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