13 Jun 2022


Coronavirus (COVID-19); Trading from emergency locations; New regulations in the Exchange Rules

Eurex Circular 061/22 Coronavirus (COVID-19); Trading from emergency locations; New regulations in the Exchange Rules

1.  Introduction

As part of the measures against the spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19), Trading Participants have so far been permitted to participate in trading at Eurex Deutschland (Eurex) from outside the registered trading locations. Accordingly, exchange traders are not required to physically operate in the registered trading locations, but may trade from substitute or emergency locations. Not only business premises but also private addresses of the traders can be registered as substitute and emergency locations (home work).

This exemption will expire after 30 June 2022.

Notwithstanding the foregoing, new provisions in the Exchange Rules of Eurex Deutschland (Exchange Rules) shall enter into force with effect from 13 June 2022, according to which participation in exchange trading is also permitted from outside the registered trading locations and without the existence of an emergency, provided that the requirements specified below are met.

2.  Required action

Trading Participants who wish to make use of the possibility to participate in trading outside the registered trading locations must comply with the requirements pursuant to § 55 paragraph 5 Exchange Rules. They shall ensure that effective arrangements, systems, procedures and other security measures are in place to ensure proper access to the Participant Trading System and the Exchange EDP. For this purpose, at least the requirements pursuant to AT 7.2 and BTO 2.2. 3 of the Minimum Requirements for Risk Management (MaRisk) with regard to the use of home office workplaces or other more comparable standards shall be complied with.

Trading Participants are instructed to keep a list of those persons who use input devices outside the trading locations, including the addresses from which the input device is operated.

The Trading Participants shall ensure that participation in exchange trading takes place only from admissible countries pursuant to § 33 paragraph 4 Exchange Rules and in compliance with national regulatory requirements. Only authorized persons may access the Participant Trading System and the Exchange EDP by using the personal user ID and the individual personal password. Exchange traders must always ensure that unauthorized third parties have neither access to nor insight into the input device. Trading in public is thus excluded.

3.  Details 

In the annual "Due Diligence Statement" pursuant to Art. 7 Delegated Regulation EU 2017/584, Trading Participants must state in the next audit period whether they make use of the possibility to trade outside the registered trading locations and whether they comply with the relevant requirements.

It is planned to monitor compliance with the aforementioned requirements in the future also through, among others, on-site inspections of the Trading Participants.

For further details, please refer to the Exchange Rules on the Eurex website www.eurex.com under the following path:

Rules and Regs > Eurex Rules & Regulations

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www.eurex.com > Rules and Regs > Eurex Rules & Regulations

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