12 Oct 2020

Sunrise Communication: Takeover / ISIN Change

The company Liberty Global PLC announced its proposal to acquire Sunrise Communications Group AG via a takeover offer to the shareholders of Sunrise Communications Group AG at a price of CHF 110.00 per share.

More information about this transaction is available on the company`s website under https://www.sunrise.ch

This information describes the potential effects this transaction will have on the above mentioned contracts

In a provisional notice released on 09 October 2020 the company Liberty Global plc. and its wholly owned subsidiary UPC Schweiz GmbH (“offeror”) announced the preliminary results of the public tender offer to the shareholders of Sunrise Communications Group AG. According to the preliminary results, 81.98% of the voting rights and the issued share capital of Sunrise Communications Group AG have been tendered to the offeror. The preliminary acceptance rate is in excess of the minimum acceptance rate of 66 2/3% stipulated.

Hence, the shares underlying the Eurex-listed futures and options contracts are changed to the tendered line effective 12 October 2020. Accordingly, the ISIN of the above-mentioned contracts will change as specified in the below table:

Product code

ISIN of the underlying instrument old

ISIN of the underlying instrument new

Product ISIN old

Product ISIN new












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