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Clear your OTC interest rate swaps and zero-coupon inflation swaps at Eurex Clearing

We have worked closely with both the buy and sell side to design the only European offering that truly meets the needs of the market. As a result, we provide the perfect basis for your OTC business, where highest safety and efficiency are key factors.

EurexOTC Clear

Eurex Clearing offers a liquid EU-based alternative to clear EUR-denominated interest rate derivatives. Benefit from high-quality execution prices, a robust risk management framework, operational and capital efficiencies and risk reduction.
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CCP Switch

Eurex Clearing is the only EU-based CCP combining future-proof clearing services with access to liquidity in Euro ETDs, OTC IRDs and repo all under one legal, risk and collateral regime. There are plenty of reasons to transfer your risk.
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Enhanced cross margining

Benefit from high margin efficiencies and take advantage of our deep Euro liquidity pools for listed fixed income and OTC interest rate derivatives.
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Product Scope

We offer clearing for OTC interest rate swaps as well as zero-coupon inflation swaps. By clearing both through EurexOTC Clear, clients can benefit from significant margin offsets where there are correlated risk reductions.
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