We’ve got the scale

We clear the broadest scope of products under a single framework in Europe — both listed and OTC — including derivatives, equities, bonds, secured funding, securities financing and energy transactions. The scale and scope of our cleared markets ensure that you benefit from margin efficiencies — making you more capital efficient.

Eurex Clearing guarantees every transaction made in the markets for which we provide our services. We stand between the buyer and the seller, which makes us the central counterparty for all your transactions. That way we mitigate your counterparty risk and maximize your operational efficiency.

Clearing Licenses or memberships are granted exclusively to financial companies that meet stringent admission standards. We prioritize market safety and integrity, and our industry-focused approach is built on those same principles.

Unparalleled risk management, superior technology and innovative clearing services make us the leader in the industry.

Onboarding Support

Find information regarding onboarding and the simulation environment on the Onboarding Support page.