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Product Specifications Support

The product specifications consist of all relevant information about Futures Contracts and Options Contracts, including – but not limited to:

  • product ID
  • product ISIN
  • underlying ISIN
  • product currency
  • contract size/trading unit
  • tick value
  • tick size
  • settlement type (cash settled, physical delivery of the underlying)
  • contract months
  • last trading day
  • determination of daily settlement price
  • final settlement price 

Product Information is available for each product  in the Eurex website under: Product Overview. However please note that no Service Level Agreements ( SLAs) are binding the files on the public websites.  

For files with SLAs please refer to the files and reports in the Common Report Engine and the Contract Specifications.

Corporate actions procedures: in the case of capital adjustments of quoted equities, the corresponding equity options and Single Stock Futures may be affected.



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