C7 Release 7.1

Financial reforms like EMIR and MiFID II/MiFIR in Europe and the Dodd-Frank Act in the U.S. are fundamentally changing the way that over-the-counter (OTC) derivatives markets operate. Eurex Clearing’s EurexOTC Clear Service supports Clearing Members and their clients in complying with regulatory requirements by offering central clearing of OTC derivative transactions. The service has been designed to provide the following benefits:

  • Clearing of a wide range of OTC IRD products for both Clearing Members and their clients
  • Clearing of OTC FX and Cross Currency Swaps for Clearing Members' proprietary business only
  • Reduction of counterparty credit risk from cleared trades via the default guarantee provided by Eurex Clearing
  • Leverage of Clearing Member’s and client’s non-cash assets by allowing a wide range of securities (as well as cash) to be accepted as collateral
  • Operational efficiency via straight-through processing
  • For clients, segregation of margin and portability of positions and collateral in the event of a Clearing Member default (depending on level of client segregation).

Eligible products for the service are:

  • Plain vanilla (fixed/float) Interest Rate Swaps (IRS), Overnight Index Swaps (OIS), Forward Rate Agreements (FRA) and Zero Coupon Inflation Swaps (ZCIS) and Basis Swaps (float/float in the same currency).
  • OTC FX and OTC Cross Currency Products

The Service supports clearing of eligible products in the currencies EUR, USD, GBP, CHF, JPY, DKK, NOK, SEK and PLN and FX/CCS products in the currency pairs EUR//USD and GBP/USD.


1. Where can I find EurexOTC Clear Release relevant documentation?

Both EurexOTC Clear simulation and production relevant documentation are published in the Eurex Clearing Member Section.

2. Where I can see all EurexOTC Clear relevant communication?

Relevant communication such as circulars and newsflashes are published on the Eurex Clearing website under: Circulars & Newsflashes. Additionally, all release relevant communication like timelines, system documentation and action items are published on the dedicated OTC Release section.

3. How do I make changes to my OTC IRS setup, i.e. MW Sync, Netting strings, etc.?

You need to either contact your Key Account Manager or use the Company Admission Tool to request setup changes such as the change of MW Sync, Netting strings etc.

In case you contact your Key Account Manager, you will be kindly asked to complete the Static Data Form for the respective client types.

4. Where can I find the latest OTC product list?

The latest OTC Product list is available in the Eurex Clearing website under: Eurex OTC Clear Product List.

5. How do I add new OTC IRS products for clearing?

If you want to add new OTC IRS Products you are kindly asked to get in contact with your Key Account Manager or client.services@eurex.com. You will be provide with all details that you need in order to complete the request. You will be kindly asked to submit Static Data Form.


Clearing Operations

Helpdesk Clearing Operations

Derivatives Clearing
T +49-69-211-1 12 50
F +49-69-211-1 43 34

EurexOTC Helpdesk

EurexOTC Helpdesk (Production)

EurexOTC Clear Service 
Phone: +49-69-211-1 28 28
E-Mail: OTCClear@eurex.com

EurexOTC Helpdesk (Simulation)

EurexOTC Clear Service 
Phone: +49-69-211-1 25 25
E-Mail: OTCClear.Simulation@eurex.com

Member Readiness

EurexOTC Clear Member Readiness Team

Release and Simulation Support
E-Mail: client.services@eurex.com

Risk Hotline

Risk Hotline

Margining Risk Reports
T +49-69-211-1 24 52
F +49-69-211-1 84 40
E-Mail: risk@eurex.com



Default Management Processes
T +49-69-211-1 33 99
F +49-69-211-1 84 40
E-Mail: dmp_inbox@eurex.com

EurexOTC Clear Releases

Are you looking for more information about the EurexOTC Clear Releases? Visit our dedicated Initiatives section for find the relevant system documentation and much more!
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EurexOTC Clear

Are you looking for more information about EurexOTC Clear? Visit our dedicated section for find all relevant product information and much more!
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If you require further information, please contact us at client.services@eurex.com.