User ID Maintenance Support

Eurex provides its clients with a number of systems and interfaces on the trading as well as on the clearing side. This page provides an overview of Eurex´s Trading and Clearing systems and GUIs. Members will find here answers to the frequently asked questions when it comes to User ID maintenance e.g., setup, registration and modification of User IDs, password resets, where to find relevant documents or how to select reports. 

Clearing & Trading GUI 


C7 Clearing GUI Simulation


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C7 Clearing GUI Production


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EurexOTC Clear GUI Simulation


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EurexOTC Clear GUI Production


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EurexOTC Clear Margin Calculator GUI Simulation


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EurexOTC Clear Margin Calculator GUI Production


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Securities Clearing GUI Simulation


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Securities Clearing GUI Production


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1. User authentication failed - How can I reset my password?

You receive the error message “Wrong user or password” when trying to login? 

  • Please doublecheck if correct login data has been used. 
  • Please contact your internal Administrator and request a password reset. 
  • Should your Administrator not be available, contact the Clearing Data Team via with the following information: 
    • Member ID and User ID.  
    • System and environment (Production or Simulation) for which the reset is needed.  
    • In case a third party is requesting the password reset, a confirmation from the User ID owner is necessary (e.g. “I approve the password reset”).

2. Which are the different systems available?

The Systems can be differentiated between Trading and Clearing systems. Please always specify which system your request relates to: 

Trading systems: 

  • T7 
  • T7/FX
  • T7 Cash
  • T7 Börse Frankfurt
  • T7 Cash for the Partner Exchanges (Malta and Bulgaria) 

Clearing systems:

  • C7 Clearing GUI
  • EurexOTC Clear GUI
  • EurexOTC Clear Margin Calculator GUI
  • Securities Clearing GUI 

3. How can I request a new User ID?

  • First the Administrator of the system has to set up the User in the GUI. For instructions on how to set up a User ID, go to the Eurex website under the path Trade > Support > Initiatives > T7 Releases, select the latest release version. Under system documentation you will find: Eurex GUI Solutions. Please choose the Admin GUI manual for the system of your choice.
  • Then the User ID Maintainer has to register the User ID via eXAS ticket in the Member Section under the following path: Trading & Clearing Administration > GUI User ID Maintenance > Add GUI User ID.


  • Be aware that Administrator and User ID Maintainer can be different persons. In the Member Section you can check who the Administrator and User ID Maintainer are under: Company Contacts and enter the User Type in the designated field.

  • Securities Clearing GUI IDs are requested via forms by the User ID Maintainer. Forms can be found under the following path: > Trade > Find > Forms.

4. Where can I receive my initial credentials?

  • Whenever a new member is set up, Clearing Data Control creates the first Administrator in both GUIs C7 as well as T7. The initial credentials are then sent to the nominated contact, who has been registered via an eXAS ticket.
  • The T7/C7 Administrator is then able to set up additional User IDs in the C7/T7 GUI and has to provide the initial login credentials to the owner of the User ID. 
  • New User IDs have to be registered via an eXAS application. For further information see answer to question 3.

5. Why can I not change the settings of the Administrator User?

  • Every member must have at least one Administrator. The initial Administrator is setup per default and cannot be amended or deleted by the Member. 
  • The first Administrator is merely an Administrator hence it is not possible to change the settings e.g. to trade with the Admin User.
  • To set up a User who you can trade with, the Administrator should register new User IDs.  

6. Where can I find the current version of User forms?

7. Why am I receiving error messages when logging into the GUIs?

  • Login failed - „Connect failed“ (T7) / „Version validation failed”  
    If you receive the error message, as shown in the screenshot below, when trying to login to the T7 GUI, please contact your Technical Key Account Manager or






  • Waiting for response 
    If you receive the error message, as shown in the screenshot below, when trying to login to the Eurex T7 /  Xetra T7 GUIs, please contact  Customer technical support:






  • C7: User ´X´ password expired. Please contact your System Administrator 
    If you receive the error message, as shown in the screenshot below, when trying to login to the C7 GUI, perform a password reset by following the steps shown on the screen or follow answer for question 1 in order to have it reset from someone else. 



  • User does not exist or wrong password 
    If you receive the error message, as shown in the screenshot below, when trying to login to the:
    • EurexOTC Clear GUI
    • EurexOTC Clear Margin Calculator
    • 7 Clearing GUI or the
    • Securities Clearing GUI

please ensure that you have entered your username correctly.


  • The username consists of the 5-character Member ID and the 6-alphanumeric User ID
    e.g. Member ID=ABCDE User ID=FGH123 Username=ABCDEFGH123. 
  • In case you do not have a User ID yet, please get in touch with a User ID Maintainer internally to request the user set up via Member Section. 
  • In case you forgot your password, please contact Clearing Data team to get the new password. Please see answer for question 1 for instructions. 
  • In case you have exceeded the number of login attempts because you have mistyped your password, wait about 20 minutes and try again. 

8. Why am I having issues to trade specific products?

Do you receive the error message “Not authorized for resource”? 

  • The cause could lie within the settings of the User ID. Please check with your Administrator, if the needed settings, e.g. TSL (Trading Size Limits) and Entitlement are correct.
  • It can also be the case, that the NegOnExch entitlements are still set on your user. In that case check the setup with your Administrator and ensure with your User ID Maintainer that the request was sent via an eXAS ticket. 
  • Should none of the previous steps fix the issue, please contact Clearing Data Control via:

9. What should an Administrator do if a user is not authorized for resource?

  • Go into the Admin GUI under User Maintenance, select the relevant User ID and click modify.  


  • Then the “User Maintenance Wizard” window pops up as shown in screenshot below. 
  • Go to the relevant step using the next button. 


  • Ask for the Product codes of the specific roles, TRADER or MARKET MAKER, and check if there are limits inside. Bear in mind that only Eurex has limits, Xetra does not have limits. 

  • For specific details please have a look at the respective manual which you can find on the Eurex website under: > Support > Initiatives > T7 Releases. Please select the latest release version. Under  System Documentation you will findEurex GUI Solutions and the Admin GUI manual. Please use the documentation for the system you need. 

10. How can I select the CCP reports?

  • If you are an entitled Clearing Member of Eurex Clearing, login to the Securities Clearing GUI.
  • Go to Report Selection > chose the Report via the Reporting Group Drop down menu > Inquire.







11. Where can I find GUI documentation?

If you require further information, please contact us at