Onboarding Support

Technical Onboarding

For a smooth start in production, Eurex Clearing provides a dedicated simulation environment to give Clearing Participants the opportunity to perform comprehensive testing. Clearing Participants are asked to make themselves familiar beforehand with the following technologies and services:

Eurex Clearing Member (GCM, DCM)

For all (Eurex Exchange/ FWB / OTC IRD / Repo Transaction):

Clearing Eurex Exchange Transactions:

Clearing FWB Transactions:

Clearing OTC IRD Transactions/OTC Currency Products:

Clearing OTC IRD Transactions as FCM:

Clearing Repo Transactions:

  • C7 Securities Clearing Service
  • Securities Clearing GUI Simulation**

ISA Direct/Indemnified

ISA Direct Member (IDCM)/ISA Direct Indemnified Clearing Member (IDICM)

For all:

Acting in Repo as ISA Direct Member/ISA Direct Indemnified Clearing Member:

Acting for OTC IRD as ISA Direct Member:

Clearing Agents

Clearing Agents (ISA Direct)/Indemnifying Clearing Agent (Indemnified Model)

For all:

Acting for Repo IDCMs/IDICMs:

Acting for OTC IRD IDCMs:

Disclosed Clients

For all:

  • CRE Simulation*
    for Beneficial Owners of Eurex Exchange Transactions/OTC IRD transactions

Clearing Eurex Exchange Transactions:

  • C7 Securities Clearing Service*
  • C7 Simulation (Transaction & Position Management, Advanced Risk Protection, User Maintenance)*
    for Beneficial Owners of OTC IRD Transactions/Eurex Exchange Transactions – if access desired

Clearing OTC IRD Transactions/OTC Currency Products:


**optional for ISA Direct Indemnified Clearing Member

In case of any questions, require further information, or require tailored simulation support, please contact your Onboarding Manager or client.services@eurex.com. 
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