Eurex Exchange

Eurex Derivatives Clearing License

We are the clearing house for the entire suite of products traded at Eurex Exchange. A Eurex Derivatives Clearing License authorizes Members to clear their own and customer business executed on the Eurex Exchanges. The license to clear at Eurex Clearing gives you access to some of the world's most liquid benchmark products across a wide range of asset classes.

Products available for clearing:

  • Interest rate derivatives
  • Equity derivatives
  • Equity index derivatives
  • Dividend derivatives
  • Volatility index derivatives
  • Exchange Traded Funds derivatives
  • Commodity derivatives
  • Property derivatives
  • FX derivatives

Eurex Clearing provides the same innovative clearing services for off-book trades entered via the Eurex Trade Entry Services as we do for exchange-traded contracts.

With us, market participants have the chance to mitigate counterparty risk and simultaneously benefit from our seamless transaction management.

  • Eurex Block Trade Service
  • Eurex Vola Trade Service
  • Eurex Flexible Contracts Service
  • Eurex Exchange for Physicals (EFP and EFPI) Service
  • Eurex Exchange for Swaps (EFS) Service
  • Multilateral Trade Registration Service

For more information about the Eurex Trade Entry Service, please refer to the "Further information" section.


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